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Terracotta Warriors

Terracotta Warriors
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The Terracotta Warriors

By Maurice Cotterell

Legend has it that in 206BC the first Emperor of Unified China, Ch'in Shi Huangdi, decreed that after his death his body would be clothed in jade and cast adrift in a lake of Mercury. The lake, within a pyramid, was to be protected by an everlasting army.

Like Tutankhamun, in Egypt, lord Pacal, in Mexico and the Viracochas', of Peru Shi Huangdi taught the super-science of the sun and the higher orders of spirituality. They say that, after he died, he flew to the sun to live forever.

In 1974, archaeologists discovered the first of more than 8,000 life-size terracotta warriors buried near the pyramid tomb of Ch'in Shi Huangdi, confirming that the legend was more than myth. But why were the massive soldiers, each weighing more than half a tonne, buried there at all? Was it simply to guard the Emperor in the afterlife?

With his knowledge of how and why the ancients encoded information into their treasures, super-sleuth engineer and scientist Maurice Cotterell decodes the long-lost secrets of China's terracotta army to reveal the farewell message of the first Emperor - the remarkable secrets of heaven, hell and immortality.

That cold crisp day, in the spring of 1974, is one the people of Lintong province will never forget. For a brief split second the vaporised breath of three young farmers was all that remained of the men who moments earlier had toiled together.

It seemed that the field, two miles from Xiyang, had swallowed them up, together with the drill, the tripod and several wooden buckets, that were to provide - once they had recovered from the shock of the fall - a means of escape.

They had tumbled into an ancient passageway, which collapsed around them, sending clouds of dust bellowing high into the sky above. As it cleared, they found themselves surrounded by an army of warriors in full battledress; a life-size army of terracotta soldiers that gazed, expressionless, at the unexpected intruders. Within hours archaeologists, from the nearby town of Yanzhai, arrived to seal the site from prying eyes.

Test digs confirmed that more than 8,000 life-size terracotta soldiers, buried more than 2,000 years ago, around 220 BC, filled four concealed underground chambers. Archaeologists were surprised to find that the shapes of the faces [taken together with the shape of the head and the hairstyle] of the 8,099 soldiers, corresponded to just 10 shapes of the 10,516-character Chinese alphabet. Curiously, although the official site record from Xian provides the names of the characters, archaeologists never explained their meaning. Perhaps it never occurred to them to enquire what each of the characters stood for. Or perhaps they knew, and preferred not to say. In any event, they hastily reburied the soldiers and concealed the test holes.

Nobody was allowed near the site for almost two years, when excavation recommenced, although the authorities never said why. To this day the official site guide refuses to give the meaning of the 10 Chinese characters. It's hard to see the reason for the secrecy. After all, Chinese - English dictionaries are freely available throughout the Western world to provide definitions of the characters... which reveal a secret message...

Focus the eye on the soldiers in the covered tunnels. Read the meaning of the national [Chinese] characters differently; use the mind to understand the story which spans from the beginning of time until now; a story about the Sun and God.

In The Mayan Prophecies, The Supergods, The Tutankhamun Propehecies and The Lost Tomb of Viracocha, international bestselling author Maurice Cotterell explained how the leaders of the Mayas, the Egyptians, and the Peruvians possessed a scientific understanding of a very high order, one that modern man is only now beginning to grasp. And, they taught that the soul is imperishable, everlasting and - for the pure - destined for the stars; rebirth on earth awaits the rest. So they encoded their secrets into their treasures to give those that failed this time a better chance of redemption, the next time around.

With this unique understanding of how and why ancient civilisations went to such lengths to preserve their secrets Maurice Cotterell decodes the long lost secrets of China's terracotta army to reveal the farewell message of the first Emperor.

5 separate codes are concealed in the warriors. The face shapes is just one of them. The decoded stories reveal extraordinary knowledge found in other spiritual texts (including the Book of Revelation in the Christian Bible, and the Hindu Bhagavad Gita) that explain the true purpose of life; why we live, why we die and why this has to be - and the remarkable secrets of heaven, hell, and immortality.

The man who broke the codes of the Mayas, Egyptians, and Peruvians has broken the codes of the terracotta warriors

About the Author Maurice Cotterell
Author, Engineer and Scientist

In 1989 engineer and scientist Maurice Cotterell found a way of calculating the duration of long-term magnetic reversals on the Sun. Using this knowledge he was able to break the codes of ancient sun-worshipping civilisations, first the Mayas of Central America, those of Tutankhamun, of Egypt, and Viracocha of South America, before cracking the codes of the Terracotta Warriors of China.

His research explains how the 28-day spinning Sun regulates menstruation, and hence fertility, in females and how it determines personality of the foetus in the womb (sun-sign astrology). It explains how the Sun causes schizophrenia, how overhead power lines cause cancer and how VDU's (TV and computer screens) cause miscarriages. And it explains how the Sun brings periodic catastrophic destruction to earth every few thousand years.

His own unique decoding process reveals amazing pictures from archaeological treasures which explain the spiritual mysteries of life; why we are born, why we die and why this has to be.

His work, best described as 'adventure fact' brings together modern science, spirituality and ancient wisdom to unlock the secrets of the past, the present and the future.

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