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Socialist Network
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The Socialist Network

By Nesta H. Webster

Detailed and illuminating analysis of the origins and the rise of the well connected secret movement that has spread over the entire world since the times of the Jacobins. An in depth look at the socialist/communist organizations involved in the network.


Page 135-6
Let us examine the essential pints in which Socialist organization surpasses our own, and consider how, by taking a leaf out of the enemy's book, we might be able to put up a more effectual opposition.

I. The Socialist Movement Has Unlimited Funds At Its Disposal

Besides financial aid from abroad, the Socialists exact contributions from Socialist and non-socialist workers alike. We not only tolerate this political levy being made on our own supporters, but do not counter it by subscribing generously ourselves. Conservatives who think nothing of spending a guinea for a stall at the theatre will grudge ten shillings towards anti-Socialist propaganda.

II. The Socialist Movement is Co-Ordinated

Although these innumerable Socialist and Pacifist groups, working in different ways for the same ends, continue to exist - since their leaders well know that amalgamation would be fatal-they are able by and ingenious system of interlocking, and by placing the same people on the councils of several different groups at a time, to coordinate their activities in the form of literature, meetings, demonstrations, etc.

Our societies are not only disconnected, but too often, instead of being allies, they are rivals. It is nto that there are too many of them, for there would be work for all to do if only it were properly apportioned. Some plan of co-operation should be devised which would prevent them ploughing the same furrow and getting in each other's way.

III. The Socialist Movement is Internationally Organized

The strength to Socialism in every country depends largely on foreign support. The interchange of communications between countries not only furnishes information but brings variety and enthusiasm into the movement. International Conferences are also a great source of inspiration. In 1922 the Communist Party had no less than twenty linguists translating foreign books, papers, etc., and preparing them for publication.

The anti-Socialist societies in this country have practically no linguists, ignore much that is published abroad in the interests of the cause, and hold very little communication with kindred groups in other countries. No International Anti-Socialist Conferences have been organised that in the present writer's opinion are likely to be of any great value to the cause. What is needed is an International of Patriots, composed of the groups in every country standing for sane nationalism, private property, morality and the Christian faith.

IV. The Socialist Movement has Intelligence Departments Behind It

The first thing the Bolsheviks did when they seized the reins of power was to establish a Bureau of Information. In this country the Labour Party Joint Research Department acts as a clearing-house of information for the Labour Party and the T.U.C., whilst the Labour Research Department performs the same office for associates of trade unions, local Labour parties, Socialist and Communist societies of an "extreme" kind. "The Department furnishes statistics, arguments, literature and newspaper articles to order" (Publicity manipulation, pamphlet, published by the Boswell Printing and Publishing Company).

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