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Secret Mysteries of Vingdrom

Secret Mysteries of Vingdrom
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Author Name David R Clearwaters


Secret Mysteries
of Vingdrom

The third book in
The Universal Tales of Isaac Midnight

David R Clearwaters

"The Hidden Mysteries of Vingdrom" is the most unique and technologically-informative book I have ever read about the interaction between mortal man on a troubled planet and Divine Intervention from the Heavenly Realms..."

Dorothy Leon



This is a tale of a unique kind of heroism, though not without its defeats and tragic moments.

What is the darkest worst thing that can happen to a race, a family, or a person; a fear of not living, or even worse, fearing living? Or is it being a hazard by somehow not holding up your end; being in power and letting millions of souls down?

Or is it the kind of defeat that tends to impose such tensions on the worlds of material origin as to set up arenas of choice for reality or nonexistence, true being or non-entity, a shaking of the very foundations of the universe?

Click for larger image As I have written before, we are ever in the hands of the One, no matter the appearances that may befall us, either by the direct circuit or by the loving ministration of myriad forms and beings of sublime light. Or by both at once, which is more often the case. There is at all times, absolute order and a supremely ordained plan. True love is the best prescription for breaking well beyond all apparent vestiges of so-called "evil".

All setbacks being opportunities for success, there grows a profound sense that only that which is positive exists. In the objective observation, all else quickly becomes naught. Souls grow, brick by brick and stone by stone, through all that is positive. They do not grow when aligned with the negative (nothing). Negative movement is, no movement; it is not real. So why do beings dip into evil? Is it a tendency or a compulsion? One would hope a clear instance of obvious truth would absolve disbelievers, but only if they were sublimely ignorant. But even this is not evil unless knowingly embraced.

Evil is immaturity and ignorance, the inability to recognize reality. Sin is the willful intent to thwart reality, which is, of course, ultimately impossible. But primitive worlds are, often, vulnerable to these situations unless lovingly guided. Eventually their citizens become so imbued with the higher spirits of mind and adjutants of wisdom that the majority of mortals almost naturally accept the impinging spirit of that desire to align wills with the One. That is the initial age of positive advancement of ethics, worship and personal attunement with that Divine Will and it is the dawn of the spiritual urge.

But what if, during this process, this essential guidance was inexplicably withdrawn? It is not always fun. The search for truth for some may be like a long distance runner, a grueling endurance contest. But the truth has such a lasting pristine effect that it eventually becomes like the feeling the runner has after a long race, with a coach pushing you to run even faster.

But what if the coach went on vacation and never came back?

I pray this tale will further reveal, even if in some small way, that in all darkness, there always exists a guiding light.

Sincerely in Life,
Isaac Midnight

185+ pages - 8¼ x 6¾ softcover