The Goddess Vintage Erotica Sapphic Flames

Sapphic Flames

Sapphic Flames
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Author Name Ivan Cutdick
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Sapphic Flames

Ivan Cutdick


Though the topics and themes are much the same as American erotica, the British use of English adds a luster to the stories, missing from the vulgar used in America. For all the Bible thumpers, sapphism was not banned in the Bible anywhere!



Jocelyn unhooked her seat belt and stood up to prepare to get off the plane. With a quick, yet full motion, she smoothed her wrinkled dress over her flat belly. She was not at all disturbed that her short dress left most of her tanned, slender thighs bare even when she pulled it down as modestly as she could.

During the flight from New York, she had been quite conscious that her dress had worked up her hips so that more than one pair of eyes had rested upon her partly exposed panties. Some of those eyes, including the very pretty ones of a certain, young stewardess, had rested much longer than was nice.

Nice! Jocelyn smiled bitterly to herself as she reached overhead to collect her raincoat and things. She hadn't been such a nice girl in the past. Not at all!

But, she was through with all those lewd and exciting scenes with Robin! She and Robin were separated, and that was that. As far as she cared, she was through with sex and desire altogether! At thirty-four years of age, she had had enough sex with Robin to last a lifetime. At this point, after three months of separation from him, it made her blush to think of how dirty he had made her get! She had grown to wildly lust after each new erotic twist to their married lives as much as he did - especially the group nudity, ...

As she stood in the aisle of the plane waiting her turn to disembark, she thought of how she had good reason to be as "nice" a woman as possible. She was about to start a new life. She wanted to be what Robin would think ridiculous. She wanted to be… well, she was not sure what. Ordinary? The nice girl in gingham behind the picket fence? As if she did not have a pulsating, hot cunt between her legs?

"Good-bye," smiled the pretty stewardess at the door of the plane. "We hope you enjoyed your flight."

The young stewardess' eyes slipped to Jocelyn's bare thighs.

"Thank you." Jocelyn smiled, momentarily wishing her dress were even shorter. "I did."

Then, she was off the plane and busy collecting her baggage and getting a taxi. The airport at L.A. was crowded at this time of day, and, it was some time before Jocelyn was able to get all her belongs aboard a cab heading for her new home.

200 pages - 5½ x 8½ softcover