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Red Fog Over America

Red Fog Over America
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The Red Fog Over America

By William Guy Carr

Reveals that an international conspiracy, using One World Government as a springboard, is in operation for the purpose of destroying our national and religious institutions in America.

About the Author

William Guy Carr, R.D.
Commander R.C.N. (r) Ret'd
Born: June 2, 1895
Died: October 2, 1959

At the early age of twelve the author was thoroughly indoctrinated into the Bolshevik ideology by two revolutionary missionaries who traveled on the same ship with him out to the Orient in 1907. Unlike many others he didn't swallow the bait they offered him "Hook, Line, and Sinker." He decided to keep an open mind, and to investigate matters thoroughly, before reaching any conclusions. His investigations and studies of all angles of the International Conspiracy have taken him to nearly every country in the world.

Commander Carr had a distinguished naval career. During World War One he served as Navigating Officer of H.M. Submarines. In World War Two he was Naval Control Officer for the St. Lawrence; then Staff Officer Operations at Shelbourne, N.S.; then Senior Naval Officer at Goose Bay, Labrador. As an Officer on the staff of Commodore Reginald Brock he organized the 7th Victory Loan for the twenty-two Royal Canadian Naval Training Divisions.

Commander Carr is known to many Canadians who have attended his public lectures. He toured Canada for the Canadian Clubs in 1930-31. He warned people of the existence of an International Conspiracy. He foretold that the conspirators would, unless checked, drag the world in another Global War. In the years between 1931 and 1945 he was sent on another lecture tour of Canada by The Naval authorities. He explained why it would be necessary to win the Peace, if the fruits of military victory were not to be thrown away again.

Commander Carr was determined to inform as many people as possible regarding the Evil Forces which adversely affect all our lives, and the lives of our children. His book will be an eye-opener to parents, clergymen, teachers, students, statesmen, politicians, and labour leaders.

Excerpt page 121

The man who was mainly responsible for obtaining contracts for the construction of Fairmiles from the Canadian Government was an Englishman who had previously faced criminal charges for perpetrating frauds against the British Government in regard to patrol craft in World War One. This man was the representative for internationalist financiers who made fortunes from Government contracts. He always had unlimited sums of money available for entertaining and other purposes. Apart from all other considerations the fact remains that the responsible Canadian and British officials turned down flat the anti-submarine craft designed by Mr. Benson, which international experts claimed would be efficient, and accepted a craft which proved to be absolutely inefficient. The plans of the craft designed to my specifications by Mr. Benson were offered to the government without any strings attached. The Fairmile deal cost the tax-payers plenty.

An even worse illustration of how the people at the top sabotaged the war effort, and made several million while doing so, was the purchase of old, dilapidated, and unseaworthy yachts which were also used as anti-submarine patrol vessels. These yachts were purchased mostly from Americans who had laid them up when the depression hit in 1930. Most of them had been allowed to deteriorate until they were only fit for wrecking. But when the war broke out the owners were paid ridiculous sums of money. I examined six of the vessels purchased while they were being reconditioned in Quebec in 1940. I condemned four of the six as beyond repair. I staked my reputation as a Master Mariner that results would prove that no amount of money could make four of the ships seaworthy.


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