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Quest for Zero Point Energy

Quest for Zero Point Energy
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Quest for Zero Point Energy
Engineering Principles for Free Energy

by Moray B. King

Free energy and anti-gravity are new solutions to the world's energy crisis. Rarely mentioned in the media-- even as power shortages cripple the U.S.-- Zero-Point Energy can transform our earth to a self-sustaining, pollution-free planet.

The basic theory of Zero Point Energy maintains that there are fluctuations of electrical field energy embedded within the fabric of space. By identifying the densest energy; and then using today's technology to balance the energy flow, we can acquire free energy which doesn't deplete the earth.

Filled with detailed diagrams, patents, and photos, the chapters include:

* Fundamentals of Zero-Point Energy Technology
* Tapping Zero-Point Energy as an Energy Source
* Vacuum Energy Vortices
* The Super Tube
* Charge Clusters
* The Basis of Zero-Point Energy Inventions
* Vortex Filaments, Torsion Fields and the Zero-Point Energy
* Transforming the Planet with a Zero-Point Energy Experiment
* Dual Vortex Forms
* The Key to a Large Zero-Point Energy Coherence

King expands, with diagrams, on how free energy and anti-gravity are possible. The theories of zero point energy maintain there are tremendous fluctuations of electrical field energy embedded within the fabric of space.

With power shortages now a daily reality in many parts of the world, this book offers a fresh approach very rarely mentioned in the mainstream media.

About the Author

Moray B. King is an internationally known physicist, author and speaker with specialities in on Zero-Point Energy, Tesla Technology and Quantum Physics. He lives in Utah with his family and various robots and pets.


Page 52
Can the zero-point energy be tapped as an energy source? At first this idea seems to be a blatant violation of conservation of energy. But if the ZPE is physically real, then there is energy available and its conservation would not be the issue. The real issue centers on the second law of thermodynamics, the law of entropy, for how could a system based on chaotic energy fluctuations evolve into coherence? Prigogine (1977) won the Nobel prize in chemistry for showing how a system can evolve from chaos into order. The system must exhibit three characteristics: 1) It must be nonlinear, 2) far from equilibrium and 3) have an energy flux through it. The published theories of the ZPE can be tapped as an energy source without violating thermodynamics.

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