Ancient Mysteries Unexplained Our Alien Planet (Digital PDF Edition)

Our Alien Planet (Digital PDF Edition)

Our Alien Planet (Digital PDF Edition)
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Author Name Sean Casteel & Tim Swartz
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Our Alien Planet

Digital Download Edition

Sean Casteel with Timothy G. Beckley

Even the most diehard believer in the notion that UFOs are interplanetary spacecraft and nothing else will have to admit that by now the odds are stacked against this theory. For more than fifty years, since the dawn of the modem era of "flying saucer" sightings, millions of strange, luminous "things" have been buzzing about as well as being chased and interacted with on all levels all over the globe.


In addition, even a cursory check of historical records shows that our earliest ancestors--going back to before man left the cave in which he dwelled--were keenly aware that they were "not alone" and that unusual aerial and terrestrial-related occurrences could be downright commonplace, while at the same time quite difficult to contend with. There is no way in a Star Trek hell that all these objects could originate from somewhere in space, unless earth was the Grand Central Station of the universe. An unlikely scenario to say the least.

So pray tell where do all these oddball balls of light and dancing orbs originate from? There are countless theories too numerous to mention. For those stumbling in the dark when it comes to anything but physical hardware among the stars, we suggest checking out the writing of such respected authors as John A. Keel (The Mothman Prophecies, Our -Haunted Planet, Disneyland of the Gods) and Brad Steiger (Mysteries of Time and Space, The Other).

As Keel, Steiger and a handful of other pioneering researchers have concluded, the fact of the matter is we need to start looking closer to home for the answers to our many UFO and paranormal-related questions. Granted, we do have what seem to be unidentified flying airborne machines, as in the case of the huge black triangles seen in New York's Hudson Valley and over Phoenix, Arizona. But these craft could well be the product of some earthly military intelligence, though admittedly their movement and noiseless behavior seem a bit out of place even for our "advanced" twenty-first century technology.

A careful review of the UFO mystery, however, will show that the vast majority of UFOs can easily be placed in the category of unidentified flying lights seen at treetop level or closer to the ground. It's definitely--at least largely--an earth-related phenomenon, so isn't it logical that we should start checking out ideas and theories that do not involve ships from outer space? For, as we shall take rapid notice, when conversing about UFOs we need to put a lot more emphasis on the unidentified than on the flying part of the acronym. After all, we have to consider other types of manifestations that go hand-in-hand with these magical and mystical lights. This book is a step in the direction of planting our feet more firmly on the ground.

Think you know everything there is to know about the composition of the planet on which we reside? Think this globe is just a giant lump of clay that takes 365 days to revolve around the sun? Well, guess again, as there is now evidence that we live in a world that is itself alive and trying to communicate with us through some of what we might consider the "weirdest" manifestations possible.

There are everyday "things" around us that we take for granted. Things like the trees, rivers, mountains and deserts. But lurking beneath the surface of all that surrounds us are dimensions and realms that historically have been the stuff of fables, fantasy and folklore.

We have all heard remarkable tales of enchantment involving fairies, leprechauns, goblins and gnomes (just a few names given to the wee people of legend). To say nothing of unicorns, flying Thunderbirds, as well as a wide variety of assorted sea monsters (Hi there, Nessie) and out-of-place land and forest dwellers like our hairy Bigfoot friends.

Most of us would like to think such phantasmic figures are the result of overworked imaginations or sleep paralysis (a popular scapegoat of skeptics). But we who have dared to delve deeper than the mundane know that our planet is a living, breathing entity full of magic and mystery . . . to say nothing of utter chaos and confusion at times.

For just like each of us, the planet has its moods.

Its good days!

Its bad days!

And even its murderous rages!

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