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Omnec Onec - Ambassador from Venus

Omnec Onec - Ambassador from Venus
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Omnec Onec
Ambassador from Venus

Omnec Onec

Timothy Green Beckley publishes the strange material of this mysterious woman, who like Nikola Tesla, claimed to be from Venus. Includes additional material by Lt. Colonel Wendelle Stevens.


How She Came To Be Here

This unique book is the personal account of a living human being who was, with her full consent and active cooperation, transported to Earth in a spacecraft from her home planet. She arrived in the company of her paternal uncle and was carefully prepared and conditioned to live here and grow in the physical society of our native life wave of our own planet.

Her own mother on Venus died shortly after her birth and she was taken into the childless family of her natural mother's sister and raised as her own. When her uncle accepted a mission to the denser life wave of Earth she chose to come along in order to make up some lapses in her own experience in the denser physical realm and to balance some unfinished Karma, both physically and with other personalities here.

She was carefully conditioned to our density and became physically manifest in an Earth-body equivalent to a 7 year old girl. Her uncle and the crew who brought her here introduced her into a Tennessee family who had just lost their own 7 year old daughter, Sheila, in a terrible bus accident enroute to her grandmother's home to go to school. The grandmother, having seen little of the granddaughter, was not aware of the substitution, and sent the Venusian to school as her own kin. Years later Sheila's adopted mother was made aware of the substitution by the Venusian uncle, who explained everything to her, and she agreed to raise Onmec Onec in place of her own daughter Sheila.

Although Omnec had the appearance of a 7 year old girl she had the Venusian wisdom and knowledge of her 210 Earth-year equivalent at the time of her arrival here in 1955. This enabled her brilliance in school and she excelled in almost everything, which she tried to conceal so as to protect her real identity.

This then is her story of her early life on Venus, her arrival here in the middle of our first modern excitement over UFOs, her preparation and adaptation to Earth living and its peculiar problems, unknown to her on her home planet.

But how is this possible? How can we reconcile this report with the severely inhospitable conditions perceived and measured by science as surface conditions of Venus? Omnec Onec (Sheila) makes reference in this book to land and water separation, and to bases and structures on her home planet Venus as well as on Mars and our Own Moon. We see no evidence of structures or of artificial organization on either Venus or our Moon or Mars, two of which have been completely photographed with high resolution cameras. We also fail to see the seas and rivers and bridges and port facilities that certainly would have shown up within the camera resolution available.

This seems to be an irreconcilable problem on the face of it and casts the rest of the story into serious doubt for much of our unenlightened Earth humanity. But is this a necessary situation? There are very broad-based beliefs in earth society that have been with us through all our history, that easily accommodate the seeming conflict between this account and our contemporary view of our reality.

Some Eastern beliefs allow for an unseen astral world that coexists in time and space with us, which has form and structure and is peopled with beings, both good and bad, that are aware of us and can and do influence us.

The theosophists studied those concepts with a scientific fervor and attempted to explain them in technical terms and to relate this underlying nature to the physical sciences we thought we knew. "The First Principles of Theosophy" by Jinradasa, originally published in Adhyar, India, provided one of the most authoritative early treatises on the nature of being for Earth humanity. The Freemasons originating in Europe propounded similar ideas in great secrecy. The Rosicrucians shared a common origin with Freemasonry but published their ideas more openly. In a volume called 'The Cosmoconception' by Max Heindel, many of the great mysteries of being were described in contemporary western language, and again was related to science.

There are many such references in metaphysical literature. Eduard Schare in France and Rudolf Steiner in Germany wrote extensively on such metaphysical concepts and understanding.

All of these great schools of thought divided the nature of being into several planes of existence, the lowest and densest for us being the physical plane. They divide the physical plane into 7 levels of density; solids, liquids, gasses, plasma state (a sort of supergas) or 4th etheric, 3rd etheric, 2nd etheric and 1st etheric. All of these states, we are told, are still of the physical plane making up the form world, and they all have density, form, rigidity, mass, weight, inertia and other properties of physical plane matter appropriate to the nature of their state.

There is for most of us an apparent major division among these 7 states of matter. The lower three are called, for the sake of convenience, the form world, or the 3-dimensional world, or the third density, the only world to us as denizens of that realm. Though we really occupy all of those states of the plane simultaneously, we are only aware on the lower 3 planes. Another with a greater awareness may not be familiar with our limitations because they "see" more of the total reality. We cannot see the additional reality that they see because of our own limitations in perception and we reject that part of existence. This does not make it any less real however, and as our awareness improves we will be able to "see" more.

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