Ancient Mysteries Witches/Goblins/Evil OMENS, CURSES AND SUPERSTITIONS


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Lady Suzanne Miller

What gives you the right to think you are so unlucky? Does it have anything at all to do with the fact that the cards never come up the right suit; that the dice always fall where they may (which is not how you placed your bet); or that the beer guzzling, chain smoker down the hall has won the Pick Six three weeks in a row?


Well lady Suzanne Miller is here to tell you not to fret child... that luck will surely cometh your way soon and that every cloud almost assuredly does have a silver lining, though we may at times have to poke and prod it a bit in order for the sun to shine just a wee bit.

One thing Suzanne has learned as a long time practicing psychic and magician, is that sometimes matters must be helped along. Even in nature you can't expect something for nothing my good friend. For every positive there is usually a negative; for every yin, a yang; and its often a matter of simply drawing upon that "positive flow" and not having it bounce off the walls around you.

Once you've learned the occult "facts of life," YOUR life will turn about. Things will begin to change before your eyes and will get much rosier - - get the picture?

Now, I've known Suzanne since the early 1970's when she wandered into my School of Occult Arts and Sciences on 14th Street in Manhattan, where some of today's "big wigs" in the metaphysical world got their start. Even in her early twenties, she was a whiz at anything to do with the supernatural, and I know that since those days she's made an even deeper study of omens, curses, and superstitions - - or you wouldn't be able to buy this book today.

As far as I can tell, every nationality - - every culture - - every society - - has its own omens and curses; some of them are well known, others have to be hunted down and discovered despite the mixing and mingling of years of telling and retelling. You can be certain that Suzanne has done her homework and with a few of the spells she's added as a bonus at the back of this book, you should be sailing along toward that cloud with a silver lining with the very next breeze.



Chapter One: Signs and Wonders Throughout The Ages: How You Can Avoid The Psychic Plague

Chapter Two: Fear Not! Good Lucks A Comin'

Chapter Three: If It Weren't For Bad Luck, I'd Have No Luck At All -- Removing Those Jinxes!

Chapter Four: Curses, Foiled Once Again You Don't Have To Be Spooked Any More!

Chapter Five: Tails Of The Black Dog And Baying Wolves

Chapter Six: Birds, Black Cats And Other Animal Omens

Chapter Seven: Don't Fear The Reaper Living With The Dead

Chapter Eight: Bizarre and Other Eerie Superstitions

Chapter Nine: Calling Upon The Four Corners Of The World

Chapter Ten: Lady Suzanne's Favorite Spells and Rituals Learn To Get What You Want And Protect Yourself

Softcover, 8¼" x 10¾", 110+ pages