Ancient Mysteries Pyramids Miracle in Stone : The Great Pyramid of Egypt

Miracle in Stone : The Great Pyramid of Egypt

Miracle in Stone : The Great Pyramid of Egypt
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A Miracle
in Stone

The Great Pyramid
of Egypt

Joseph A. Seiss

It is always an interesting footnote to history that most major religions of today and of antiquity have a link back to Egypt, the Plains of Gizeh, and/or the Great Pyramid. Whether it be that link of Jesus to Egypt, the Jews and Egypt, or August Caesar, there has indeed been a connection and correlation between these and Egypt.


THIS book is meant to give a succinct comprehensive account of the oldest and greatest existing monument of intellectual man, particularly of the recent discoveries and claims with regard to it.

If the half that learned and scientific investigators allege respecting the Great Pyramid of Gizeh be true, it is one of the most interesting objects on earth, and ought to command universal attention. It has been unhesitatingly pronounced, and perhaps it is, "the most important discovery made in our day and generation."

Simply as an architectural achievement, this mysterious pillar, from the time of Alexander the Great, has held its place at the head of the list of "The Seven Wonders of the World." But, under the researches and studies of mathematicians, astronomers, Egyptologists, and divines, it has of late been made to assume a character vastly more remarkable. Facts and coincidences so numerous and extraordinary have been evolved, that some of the most sober and philosophic minds have been startled by them. It would verily seem as if it were about to prove itself a sort of key to the universe--a symbol of the profoundest truths of science, of religion, and of all the past and future history of man. So at least many competent persons have been led to regard it, after the most thorough sifting which the appliances of modern science and intelligence have been able to give it.

Particularly in Scotland, England, and France has the subject elicited much earnest interest. Quite a number of works and treatises, most of them voluminous, costly, and learned, have been devoted to it, and not without a marked and serious impression.

General Facts And Scientific Features.

ONE of the ablest of England's Egyptological writers has said that Egypt is the anomaly of the earth's present surface. The very adaptations and adjustments of the air and solar distances, by which vegetable life is sustained in other countries, here give place to another code, framed expressly for the Nile. The same may be said of it with regard to its place in history. It has always been somewhat aside from the general current of affairs, having its own unique constitution and life, and yet closely related to all civilized humanity.

Through whatever path, sacred or profane, we propose to go back to the beginnings, Egypt is never entirely out of view. Closely secluded from all the rest of the world--the Japan of the ages--it still lies at the gateway of the traditions of Judea, Greece and Rome; intermingles with all the Divine administrations, and connects, in one way or another, with some of the most famous names and events in the annals of time.


General Facts And Scientific Features.
The Chart.
The History.
The Modern Scientific Theory.
The Various Pyramids.
Form And Proportions.
Pyramid Numbers.
Size Of The Great Pyramid.
Standard Of Linear Measure.
Weight And Capacity Measure.
The Coffer And The Ark Of The Covenant.
A Metrological Monument.
The Pyramid's Astronomy.
The Pyramid's Chronology.
Septenaries And Sabbaths.
The Centre Of The Universe.
Whence This Wisdom?

Modern Discoveries And Biblical Connections. Modern Progress And Discoveries.
Egypt's Past.
The Great Pyramid's Disclosures.
The Pyramid And The Prophets.
The Pyramid And The Book Of Job.
The Pyramid And Christ.
The Pyramid And The Christian Dispensation.
The Pyramid And Theology.
The Pyramid And The Day Of Judgment.
The Pyramid And The Jew.
The Pyramid And Heaven.
The Pyramid And The Spiritual Universe.
The Pyramid And Jerusalem.

Analysis Of Traditions, Opinions, And Results. The Ancient Traditions.
More Modern Opinions.
The Tomb Theory.
Something More Than A Tomb.
Not A Temple Of Idolatry.
Historic Fragments.
Who Was Melchisedec?
The Primitive Civilizers.
Job And Philitis.
Primeval Man.
Use Of The Pyramid Respecting Faith.

Softcover, 5¼" x 8¼", 190+ pages