Ancient Mysteries Unexplained Kundalini - The Mother of the Universe

Kundalini - The Mother of the Universe

Kundalini - The Mother of the Universe
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The Mother of the Universe

The Mystery of
Piercing the Six Chakras

Rishi Singh Gherwal

India is the mysterious land chosen as her own by Kundalini, The Mother of the Universe. What we read in old histories and Holy Bibles, and the records, can be seen there today.



In India there are Yogis who perform such marvelous feats that Doctors, Scientists and Chemists are unable to solve them, and I may say, are unable to understand them. For instance, such feats, as lying down upon blazing logs of fire; walking over red hot fire that has been especially prepared by burning ten tons of wood,-twenty men walked over this without a burn-not even a hair on their feet; also feats of levitation, walking on water, etc., equally as astonishing.

Yogi Haridas, at Lahore, willingly permitted himself to be buried alive for forty days under fifteen feet of earth. After that length of time, he was taken out as normal as ever. Such as that, and standing on one leg for years; head buried in the earth with both legs up in the air for days; living without food for forty years,-these and many other things can be seen in India today.

Any one wishing to read further about this may obtain the author's booklet entitled: "Marvelous feats performed by Yogis through Yoga."

I have received many letters asking: "How can that be done?" The answer is, they always do this through the Kundalini (The Divine Mother) by awakening her from her sleep, for then any one can have supernatural power-this is her gift with unfoldment.

"Kundalini the Giver of Health"; "Kundalini the Giver of Wealth"; "Kundalini the Giver of Joy and Happiness"; "Kundalini the Giver of Faith"; "Kundalini the Giver of Bliss, Life, and Powers."

By awakening her, seeming miracles can be performed by men and women. The resurrection came as a living faith; see "The Great Masters of the Himalayas"-by the author.

The Kundalini is always back of all powers and feats of seeming miracles. She is the All in All. Swami Vivekananda says: "Whenever there is any manifestation of what is ordinarily called supernatural power or wisdom, there must have been a little (control over the) current of Kundalini which found its way into the Sushumna. Only, in the vast majority of such cases of supernaturalism, they ignorantly stumble on some practice which set free, (and made them conscious of) a minute portion, (of the control) of the coiled up Kundalini."

The Kundalini (Divine Mother), always keeps for herself a chosen country, in which her higher wisdom is preserved from all dangers.

That land is India. When she wanted to see the play of helplessness, weakness and ignorance of the world, she chose that land. When the Kundalini again wants to raise up from ignorance to Mighty Wisdom, and a Blissful state, she chooses India again, for the purpose of raising India once more to the highest of Pure Wisdom.

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