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Hole in the Sky

Hole in the Sky
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Hole in the Sky
Brian J. Allan

The basic premise of this book is the possibility that there may exist an active and viable connection or bridge, for good or ill, between this world and other realities; a connection that operates in both directions. This apparently occurs in different ways, using techniques ranging from the near magical (in its literal sense) to the purely technological and in some cases a bizarre fusion of the two.

Several are effective but others less so and we will examine some of the more accessible examples of these, since they are all fundamentally intended to achieve the same purpose. These bizarre and sometimes alarming interfaces with the invisible 'otherworld' take a number of forms and titles. They have variously been called 'portals', 'gateways', 'window areas', 'astral doorways' and 'vortices' and have manifested both subjectively through the use of rituals and chemicals and objectively via, presumably, the creation of immensely powerful electromagnetic (EM) fields, both natural and artificial.

These EM fields are in some manner presumed to sunder the bonds binding together the subatomic particles comprising reality as we know it, which is of course in effect little more than an electromagnetic matrix. Naturally enough this interpretation is absolute anathema to materialists, deniers and cynics, but the deeper one scratches beneath the façade the less convincing reality becomes. As they look for their 'theory of everything' some physicists attempt to prove that what we see and experience is what they define as a 'collapsed wave function', in other words reality only exists as a multitude of probabilities until it is observed and only then does it become real. This unusual proposal carries strong similarities with the Zen Buddhist proposal (or koan) of, 'If a tree falls in the forest and no one is present, does it make a sound?' While the analogy is not exact it will suffice.

In this exciting new book, the author, paranormal investigator Brian Allan, describes, analyses, interprets and compares many near identical anomalous phenomena, both in the UK and the USA, that could be interpreted as evidence that a 'hole in the sky' - a bizarre parting of the veil between the material world and the word of strange phenomena - exists, and also speculates on the conditions under which it might form.

The variety of unusual phenomena chronicled is impressive, but the author (who has personally investigated the cases and interviewed many of the experiencers) successfully guides us through the pitfalls of these exotic realms, revealing many fascinating possibilities along the way.

Softcover, 5.25 x 8.25", 270+ pages