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Global Sciences CD-Rom Disk

Global Sciences CD-Rom Disk
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Global Sciences CD-Rom Disk

2001 Denver Conference

Global Sciences CD-Rom Disk:
2001 Denver Conference

19 hours of video

4 hours of audio

230 page book

and MORE!

Bizarre Experiences of a Mind Control Slave
by Arizona Wilder

What happened to these people stretches the belief of the most jaded. Her recollection of being in Area 51 and Russia being only two of them. What goes on in these experiments defies the grossest of imaginations. It really takes courage to go public with this.

The Love Bite - Alien Interface
by Eve Lorgen

The Love Bite presents us with a refreshing, woman's view of the alien abduction phenomena. When it comes down to how the aliens manipulate areas of our lives, most UFO researchers are silent. For the first time, Eve sheds light on a very taboo subject, breaking the code of silence. With fascinating case histories, experiencers are coming out of the closet to report their love and sex lives were directly interfered with by alien and not-so-alien abductors. You may find this relating to someone you know.

Qumran - An Essene Monastery of Something Else?
by Brian Desborough

The Dead Sea Scrolls were the most important manuscripts of the 20th century. Since the scrolls discovery in 1947, thousands of books written by biblical scholars claim that the ruined structure at Qumran was a monastery occupied by Essenes who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls. These scholars ignored archaeological evidence, which did not support their hypothesis that Qumran was an Essene monastery. In his lecture and workshop, Brian presents all the archaeological evidence discovered at Qumran, which demonstrates that the facility was never a monastery, but instead served a startling purpose. Evidence will also be presented which shows that the Essenes never deposited the scrolls found in the Qumran caves. The little-know and controversial "Jesus Scroll" will also be discussed.

Energy Diagnostics & Health
by Jon Rappoport

For the past thirty years, Jon has researched and written about extraordinary health-giving energies. He has been nominated for a Pulitzer prize, and worked tirelessly investigating planetary elites which seek to control and repress these energies. Author of several books on various topics, Jon will reveal new research on energy fields that surround the body and how they can be vitalized to improve health, and will include a diagnosis and the application of several remedies. For his workshop, Jon will give an in-depth presentation of energy fields and health, describing a number of remedies you can apply to yourself on a daily basis

The Power of Paramagnetic Energy for Physical Healing and Plant Growth
by Joe Blakenship

A Big favorite at the August 2000 Congress. As a child, Joe showed a unique knack of attracting the attention of hundreds of people on the cutting edge in their fields. Now, he freely shares the knowledge and wisdom gained from these many contacts, some of which included, Howard Hughes, Frank Lloyd Wright, Arthur Brown, Walter Russell, Victor Schauberger, FDR, Ralph Bergstressor (Nicola Tesla's chief technician), Wilhelm Reich, Royal Rife, Henry Kaiser, and Phil Calahan, among others. Another of his many contributions to mankind is his sharing of the value of magnetite ore in the raising of human body health. If you heard him before, you'll want to hear him again. No two presentations are alike.

The Lemurian Theo-Christic Conception
by John Zitco

Dr. Zitko began his spiritual ministry in the mid 1930's in Milwaukee, WI. And later during and after the Second World War, headed churches in Hollywood and Huntington Park , CA. He founded the World University Roundtable, an international intercultural research organization in 1947. Twenty years later the World University was incorporated in Arizona, with its world headquarters in Tucson with Dr. Zitko as president and board chairman of both institutions. He has authored many books and articles including, "World University Insights" (with your future in mind) and his latest "New Age Tantra Yoga" as his contribution to man's understanding of the New Age as the world prepares for the birth of a new civilization.

Radionics Research of the Mapleton Trust of England
by Walter & Sheri Kaplanski

Major Gordon Smith of Somerset, England, inherited the records of the De La War Laboratories and is carrying on that research. Walter and Sheri are the American representatives and will explain and offer the Radionics facilities free of charge! In addition, Sheri, a composer and performing artist, will share her gift of keyboard music attuned to the aura, both individual and group. She also has five album releases, including, The Dolphins Sanctuary, Come Build a Rainbow, Reflections of Being and Liquid Light.

She has been gifted with a special ability called synesthesia, which allows her to sense beyond the six sense or to convert sound in shape or electro-magnetic fields into color or sound. Sheri will write the music (to your aura) live as you hear it. She can also perform to the the combined aura of the group assembled. She emphasizes that "all gifts come from a greater source, where one can put the ego aside and allow the Creator force or God to become our hands.

Adventures in Heaven
by Scott Thomas

A book of the same name was written about Scott (using another name) which observes the 3D visual and audio visits to heaven beginning over 7 years ago, and which continues to this day! If you've ever wondered about the physical description of many biblical personalities, or what they had to say, Scott can relate his experiences for your discernment. You might ask about the apostle Paul, some of the disciples, Melchizedek, Daniel, or ??? Scott will offer methods to do this yourself in his workshop.

Spiritual Technology and Energetic Balancing
by Stephen Lewis

Imagine a world in which the common cold is curable, where AIDS is just another infection and degenerative disease victims routinely experience spontaneous remission! Stephen has been tirelessly researching futuristic techniques and technologies with the teachings of Eastern Medicine, Western Medicine, Radionics, and EAV (electro acupuncture according to Voll) among other things, and a couple hundred gigabytes of computer memory to develop a frequency balancing paradigm that could well explode on the consciousness of mankind with warp speed. Stephen's many years of study and revelation left him with the understanding that technology and consciousness are inextricably found, which resulted in the novel/documentary Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness, authored by himself and Evan Slawson

Acceleration of Planetary Change
by Susan Kingsley Rowe

Susan has been in touch with Ascended Beings of Light all her life both in England, America and countries around the world. The Beings have given her many gifts which she uses in one form or another, healings, clairvoyantly, out-of-body's, and remote viewing. According the master plan, it is now time to release the truth about extraterrestrial life in our solar system. The time has come for those who are prepared to continue to accelerate in their choice of freedom. North America is the heart center of this golden age 2000-3000 AD, & becomes a magnet to raise the vibration of every other global nation. By our very thoughts we will change the our little planet is designed and you will be the builders. An archeologist, anthropologist, Oriental and Naturopathic practioner, healer, author and international goldsmith she can share numerous stories of about the deja world she has encountered.

Medical/Scientific Evidence of Human/Alien Contact
by Derrel Sims

Dubbed "The Alien Hunter" Derrel has presented at UFO oriented conferences worldwide and covered a number of related areas. In 1995, he became the first UFO investigator to orchestrate the removal of alleged alien implants n a controlled medical setting. Results of these surgical procedures has resulted in objects with pathological and metallurgical findings that are somewhat beyond our technology. He brings with him his famous display case of Implants and other Evidences. A Board Certified Hypnotic Anesthesiologist, Master Level Certification in NLP (certification in Time Line Therapy, extensive training in Graphanalysis, Linguistics, and other modalities). Derrel can present extra workshops on space available basis. Silence of the Shepherds
by Mike Bunker

If the shepherd is silent while the wolves are blatantly and obviously encircling the sheep, what action should you take? What Michael has to report from his research and nationwide speaking tours is sure to spark some thought and perhaps controversy.

The Story of the Art Bell Lawsuit
by Ted Gunderson

Ted Gunderson was named by Art Bell as one of the reasons he went off the air. Art Bell brought suite against Ted Gunderson for "supposed" remarks Ted made on the air accusing Art Bell as a child molester.

Ted was in the FBI for over 27 years and became a successful Talk Show host shortly after retirement - perhaps too successful.

You've heard Art Bell's side of the story, now hear Ted's side. Follow the true facts of the case step-by-step and see actual court documents. You'll be shocked when you hear "the rest of the story".


In his search for the truth, Ted can draw on his 27 years of experience with the FBI (retired as head of the Los Angeles office supervising over 700 agents, with a 22 million dollar budget) and the contacts still maintained through the globe. The subjects include, among others, Oklahoma City bombing, Waco, Ruby Ridge, mind control, and sex slave rings.

Hitherto unknown facts of other current worldwide events are items that he may feel that should be shared as of conference time.

The Latest update in scientific Chemtrail research, crimes & cover up documented.
by Clifford Carnicom

With the aid of many scientists, airplane pilots, etc, Clifford is a pioneer in his investigations, and overcoming the road blocks and stonewalling by the various administrations and agencies. As we wonder of the mysteries of these activities and the apparent health problems accompanying in many places, all of us should take note and take whatever precautions seem proper.

"Super Warrior"
by Larry Solarz

Never before published interview with Larry Solarz. Larry claims he was part of the "Super Warrior" program - recruited back in the early 1960's. When Larry joined the Air Force, he was soon sent to a warehouse in Louisiana. There he underwent a process where his soul was physically removed from his body, and a generated soul was created and merged with his. His body was in a vat of water while the two souls integrated. Larry was used quite extensively in time travel, Area 51, and other military operations. Many will initially conclude that Larry's story is fabricated; judge for yourself. He comes across as credible and extremely knowledgeable on the subjects he discusses.

WingMakers - "Visitors from our Future"

The Ancient Arrow Project. A fictionalized account of our true encounter with the WingMakers.

Fulfillment of the Millennium Biblical Prophecies
by Barbara Nicholson

Barbara has traveled the world and extensively studied historical and current events. In this lecture, she correlates current events to biblical prophecy.

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