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Do the Dead Return

Do the Dead Return
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Author Name Louis Schlesinger
ISBN 10: 1610337743
ISBN 13: 9781610337748


Do the
Dead Return?

A True Story of
Startling Séances
In San Francisco

Dr. Louis Schlesinger

The circumstances with which the narrative deals are an important contribution to the history of psychic research, and they are presented for what they are worth while the witnesses and actors in the story are alive.

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About this book:

Before this little volume is read a few words of explanation should be carefully weighed, for otherwise the reader might go away with many false impressions.

The author desires to say that every word here printed is absolutely and literally true. Nothing has been added or suppressed, but the entire truth has been expressed, usually in the exact language of the distinguished gentlemen whose narratives make the bulk of the book. In most instances the witnesses summoned wrote their accounts with their own hands, and the original manuscripts are still preserved.


Before Senator Spencer and I could say, "Good day, sir!" the old man said something like this:

"Gentlemen, I am Dr. Louis Schlesinger, the famous Spiritualist medium. It is well known that I can talk with the good angels, and I desire to have a series of sèances here in Modesto."

"Our advertising columns are open," I said, "and we shall be pleased to announce your meetings at the regular rates."

"I have no money to spare," he replied; "but I think you will say something about me when I show you that man lives after death."

The Senator whispered to me (on discovering that the old gentleman was quite deaf), "I guess he's escaped from the Stockton Lunatic Asylum."

Stockton was but twenty miles away, and I assented, but said, "Suppose we sound him before we send for an officer."

So we agreed to give Dr. Schlesinger an opportunity to convince us that he was a man of rare endowments, as he pretended to be.

52 pages - 5½ x8½ softcover

ISBN-10: 1610337743
ISBN-13: 9781610337748