Beyond Reality Mysteries Explored Develop Your Latent Paranormal Powers

Develop Your Latent Paranormal Powers

Develop Your Latent Paranormal Powers
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Author Name William Walker Atkinson Dragonstar


Develop Your Latent
Paranormal Powers

An Eleven Lesson Course

Dragonstar and
Sir William Walker Atkinson

These amazing powers are available to all who are willing to throw off the shackles of our everyday lives and lift the veil that hides the unlimited potentials that the universe has waiting for us.



Contacting The Ascended Masters

One of the first things that you should do on your journey to enlightenment is to learn how to contact the Ascended Masters. These are highly advanced spiritual beings who are waiting to act as guides to those who are ready to grow and develop as enlightened beings of spiritual energy.

The Ascended Masters are available to everyone who asks for their help. You do not need to be an experienced channel or be a person who is well versed in spiritual matters for them to help you or teach you. They will always do their best to help you meet your goals for spiritual advancement and to help you with any problems that you have in your life in any way that they can.

Anyone can learn to channel. Channeling is a matter of opening to the love, energy, and conscious connection of a higher dimensional being. It is a tool that can be used in many ways. It is not only for relaying information.

When you meditate and feel the energy and love of your higher self or a guide, you are channeling. You are channeling their energy, even if you do not receive a conscious word or thought from them. Most people channel and receive guidance and information from their higher self or a guide and are not aware that they are channeling.

Many people receive information or guidance in the dream state or through sudden inspirational thoughts. Some people channel while they are working on art, music or other creative expressions. Most people experience this form of channeling in their everyday lives. People have always been able to channel. It is not a new or recent phenomenon. The Bible and other Holy books are full of channeled material and channeling experiences.

All people are spiritual beings who are a part of a very advanced higher self. Each person is very connected to their higher self even if it is not a very conscious connection. Anyone can learn to channel and open that connection, not only to their higher self, but to all higher dimensional beings and to all that is.

There is nothing to fear when you channel. If it is your intention to open to your higher self and work only with them, then only your higher self will be there with you while you are reaching out to them. The higher self connection is a very powerful one. It is very helpful to establish a good higher self connection before channeling other beings.

It is a good idea to always ask your higher self to help you when you channel others. They can help you to establish a channeling connection with any higher dimensional guide or teacher that you wish to work with. So there is no need to fear that you will get into contact with a being that you do not wish to talk to.

Your higher self can make sure you are connected with the being you want to work with. You do have free will and can talk to anyone that you want, but we strongly suggest that you always work through your higher self and only with your own guides or very advanced universal teachers.

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