The Human Mind Mind Control - Brainwashing Deeper Insights Into The Illuminati Formula

Deeper Insights Into The Illuminati Formula

Deeper Insights Into The Illuminati Formula
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Author Name Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler


Deeper Insights
into the Illuminati Formula

by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler

Part 1.
How the control comes about
by Fritz Springmeier

Part 2.
How help comes about
by Cisco Wheeler

From the Authors:
First time readers to this subject are encouraged to read the Vol. 2 The Illuminati Formula Used to Create An Undetectable Total Mind-Controlled Slave before attempting to read this book.

Continuing with the EXCELLENT expose of this subject, the depth and breadth of information in this book is astounding. It is absolutely unmatched - anywhere.

Page 53
The intelligence organizations prefer to code a single project with a single word, and an ongoing operation with two words. A nickname of something will consist of two words.

The reader needs to bear several things in mind. First, the programmers generally have intelligent, well sounding codes, that do form patterns. For instance, a woman's name from the Bible will be used as a code, with subparts or subcodes having other female names from the Bible.

Deeper Illuminati parts will have gods & god names, and king & queen names for cult alters. These are the names the handler or cult uses - NOT their access codes. The codes for slaves follow patterns.

There are standard and unique codes.

Darning the 1940's through the 1960's there were only perhaps a dozen American master programmers travelling around. (After that the number of programmers appears to get quite large.) The master programmers would lay in the foundational programs and codes. They developed the scripts. The codes and systems used from system to system do follow patterns. The child's creativity & their purpose in life would contribute to the uniqueness of the programming. Each child visualizes differently and the programmer works with the child's mind.

The master Illuminati programmer would allow the handler-the "Daddy" figure in life to have the day-to-day ownership. The Daddy figure, often the actual pedophile father of the child victim, would be allowed to put in his own codes in the sexual part of the system. Some Daddy figures used their own songs, their own poetry and their own interests in this area of the coding. In other words, most of the system's codes will reflect the master programmer (such as Dr. Mengle), and the sexual part of the system will reflect the "daddy" figure's programming.

Page 461
IMPLANTS, dealing with

The people who are using implants for mind-control aren't about to tell us what they are doing, and they certainly haven't obtained the victims' permission for their sadistic behavior. They haven't spent trillions of dollars researching, designing and installing these black budget and secret projects, if they weren't convinced that they work. They are trying hard to get implant technology to the point it is tamper proof.

The controllers seem to think they are above accountability. The various implants aren't the stuff of sci-fi or delusions, their reality can be documented from real sources. Tracking implants are being put into our children and our dogs by people who want to "help" us not lose anything. Any bozo can purchase human tracking implants today & use them on their fellow man. After you've gotten over your denial that this is happening you are ready to deal with the unfortunate reality that we live in. The achilles heel of the NWO is that they have too many things to control and keep track of. This is why they use computers. Computers with artificial intelligence may be able to play chess and make decisions, but they are not superior to the human mind, and you as a human still have a chance to outsmart them. The human, whose mind is being read, can think in codes and speak in codes. The NWO does not have the manpower to control their implant victims with human handlers 100% of the time.

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