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Cozmic Quest : The Super Unconsciousness

Cozmic Quest : The Super Unconsciousness
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Cozmic Quest

The Super Unconsciousness

By L. Ralph Hansen

This is a very unique book that will instantly grab at the heartstrings of those who experienced the 60's and 70's. It will slowly and enrichingly grab the hearts of everyone else. Touching on everything from sacred geometry to spiritual depth, Hansen gives insight into the quest for life, meaning and truths. The first book received at HiddenMysteries was grabbed up by workers here, and is dog-eared and bookmarked with post-its, as the crew here uses the book for a daily uplifting.


Today I am grateful to know that my mission is in expressing the Cozmic Quest. I can only justify this knowing as a contrast to other activities. The fact that nobody ever said that I had to write this, coupled with the conviction that life is more than biological evolution, led me to comb through mountains of memories, searching.

Then it became more than memories. The story started to shape around my contemporaneous life. I began to look for The End to be plainly stated to me by a singular event.

The End, however, seems to beg a beginning.

The events that I am aware of seem to indicate a path. Trying to sense that path is like trying to merge intuition and logic. Mapping that path, I use my self as an instrument, and my ego as a spokesman.

The events seem out of sequence because my awareness was focused elsewhere most of the time. Little sparks would ignite here and there until, after much life had elapsed, an illuminated picture began to distinguish itself.

Short, simple, stories are a good way to describe the illuminating "sparks" - with the larger portrait emerging as the anecdotes overlap.

Word language is the medium invoked in these stories, with an occasional picture or diagram. More esoterically, words are composed of letters, which I have proceeded, in some cases, to designate as little pictures, or archetypes. As an example, if a "J" resembles a fishhook, Jesus takes on a fuller meaning.

"Know thyself," "Humans echo Nature," and "As above, so below" are ancient credos that compel me on a personal quest.

Armed with words to convey meaning is like using a slingshot to hurl bubbles.

Nonetheless, I plod on, spigot thrust deeply into the fountainhead of the SUPER-UNCONSCIOUSNESS, seizing at the fermented bubbles of wisdom to substantiate the theory that I want to believe in.

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Softcover, 5" x 8", 115+ pages