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Coming Full Circle

Coming Full Circle
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Coming Full Circle
Dorothy Leon

Coming Full Circle is a true story about my sister, Peggy. Moving from the Missouri Ozarks to a modern town in Southern Oregon, at age 15, she finds herself without the proper clothing or manner of speaking. But her dynamic personality, leadership ability, high morals, mystical attunement, outstanding beauty, song writing, and musical talents, propel her to the top.

When her daughter is badly burned, her deeply-troubled son thrown into prison, and her husband, the love of her life, leaves her for a younger woman, she courageously overcomes her aura a suicide. Leaving the glamorous life she has established in the city, she returns to the country, where she re-marries, founds a chapter of a motorcycle club, starts a country-western band, and helps the prison system to recognize the difference between emotional and mental disabilities. In later life, she is traumatized by the loss of her second husband. Devastated and alone, her first love, who she has not spoken to in forty-two years, wants to return. Although he still occupies the greater portion of her heart, she wonders if she is capable of coming full circle?

Peggy has been described as "all heart". In addition to her family and pets, she has a deep love of nature and a mystical attunement with God. When a friend remarked that they saw a light around her as she sang, she replied: "Somehow I become one with the music, then the song sings me rather than the other way around. It's peculiar." Rather than being "peculiar", it is truly mystical.

This book will touch your heart and open your mind to a broader view of love, nature, and God.


Kneeling down on the deck, beside the water fountain she had just erected in memory of her husband, Peggy was in a dilemma. As a widow, she now had many new issues to face.

Running her hand along the form of one of the tiny otters that decorated the waterfall, she sobbed for her mate. How she loved him and what wonderful times they had enjoyed together. Her tears joined the flowing water as she prayed fervently. "Why did you take Harry away, God? He was a perfect husband for forty years and now he's gone forever. I feel so alone. How can I deal with this overwhelming emptiness? How can I possibly keep up with everything around this big place? And what in the world can I do about Johnny? Oh, God, help me, please, please help me," she wailed.

Finally wiping away her tears, she began to think about Johnny. How well she remembered meeting him on that bright spring day in 1947, fifty-seven years ago. The war had ended a couple of years before, but he had just finished his stint in the Navy.

At age sixteen, she was about to graduate from high-school. (She had started school when she was only five.) Her folks had moved from Grants Pass to the remote little Southern Oregon logging town of Prospect, enroute to Crater Lake. Although her father had been a farmer, it was a perfect place for him to try his luck at running a service station and garage. She was working after school and on Saturdays as a soda-jerk at the town's only general store and tourist gift shop.

Rushing around to serve the customers as efficiently as possible, she was the picture of perfection. For years her mother had urged her to stand erect and be proud of her five-foot-nine height. Her perfect posture was enhanced by her beauty. Deep brown eyes flashed brightly as a broad smile enhanced her delicate features. Her face was softly fringed by a long flow of strawberry-blond hair. She was thin, long legged, and full-figured; a form that any model would envy. When the boys in high school nicknamed her "Big Red," she was embarrassed, not sure if they were referring to her height or her voluptuous breasts.

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