TGS Authors W.T. Samsel Charlie Danger: SuperVision!

Charlie Danger: SuperVision!

Charlie Danger: SuperVision!
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Author Name W. T. Samsel
ISBN 10: 1610338251
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Charlie Danger
Private Detective

Book Three:

Large Print

W. T. Samsel

I intended SuperVision to be a commentary on the mass media programming of the American people as well as to depict the economic situation in a way that someone without a clue could conceive.

We are truly under economic attack! The circus in Washington is just that! The mainstream media is all about programming. The programs you view program you. They make you want this or want that, look this way or that, think this way or that.

It is the power to control populations, to make people believe, behave, or accept whatever is presented on the screen of a television set!

The mainstream media is a weapon being used to control and dumb-down the population even as they are raped financially, their rights and liberty trampled upon and America destroyed by design!



"Did I not distinctly demand the capture of Charlie Danger and his co-horts?" inquired Professor Mariachi as he stuffed down burritos and refried beans. "And didn't I hear myself telling you to locate your incredibly stupid nephew and bring him to me?"

"Yes mine leader!" said Totenkopfh, "They haff escaped my recent trap for them und they haff disguised themselves so ass to evade our detection!"

"Totenkopfh!" said the professor, "I had high expectations for you but I see now that you are simply an incompetent, incapable asshole like everyone else I employ!"

"But mine leader!" pleaded Totenkopfh, "I now haff dem trapped like rats at der Salty Towers where I vill shortly haff dem all exterminated!"

The Professor frowned.

Totenkopfh quickly added, "Except for my nephew of course! I vill see to it dat he iss delivert directly into your hands mine leader!"

Totenkopfh clicked his heels as his right arm shot out in a perfect nazi salute!

"I want for you to understand the importance I place on your carrying out my orders successfully!" said Mariachi, "Otherwise, I am afraid that in the future I will be forced to simply have you shot and replaced with someone more capable of doing so."

Totenkopfh stood at rigid attention with beads of sweat forming on his forehead and droplets dripping down from his armpits.

"Yes mine leader!"

The Professor moved to a drawing board and pulled away the sheet that covered it.

"Your area of expertise is mind control technology and the development of the Microtelebotomizer!" he explained, "But that is only a part of a much bigger and deadlier plan!"

He pointed to the technical drawings for what could only be described as some kind of flying saucer!

"Doctor Totenkopfh!" he said, "I present to you, what could very well be, the ultimate weapon of the 21st century!"

It was a giant sized dirigible shaped like a flying saucer and at least one hundred times bigger than the Hindenburg was! Why, the size of the thing would take your breath away! It was to be big enough to cover an entire city!

"It is a giant debt bubble inflated by derivatives and worthless junk paper!" explained the Professor, "It can hover over entire countries and suck out all the wealth and resources to cover all the debt that doesn't really exist! The more wealth it sucks in, the more is destroyed and the more it inflates!"

"Brilliant!" shrieked Totenkopfh, "Absolute genius!"

140 pages - 7x 8½ softcover
ISBN-10: 1610338251
ISBN-13: 9781610338257