Historical Reprints Causes of the Civil War

Causes of the Civil War

Causes of the Civil War
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Historic Papers
on the
of the
Civil War

by Eugenia Dunlap Potts

A rare little discourse reprinted by TGS Historical Reprints:
Learn about the 'real' causes of the Civil War from the viewpoint of a noted historian that lived through the reign of armed terror by the United States. Correct in your learning what the war was about before the U.S. History Revisionists obscured the facts and details. Learn how the United States destroyed another civilization. The majority of the records of this illegal aggression against a peaceful people were sealed for a century. Some still are----


Even when the great hue and cry for freedom led the Northern Senators to legislate for the cessation of foreign slavery in 1808, these great philanthropists rushed over some 5,000 slaves to sell to the South before the limited date could come around. Many prominent rich men of New England made their money by this traffic, then pulled a long face of condemnation for the Southern planter, whose money had been paid over to swell the Northern coffers.


We seem not to have been a happy family during our first one hundred years as a Union of States. We quarrelled frequently among ourselves, and like the dissatisfied children of the household there was oft-threatened disruption. If you do not treat me fairly I will leave home, said the stubborn Northern child, no less than the warm-hearted Southern offspring. And they stood alike in the attitude of going out the door the moment the provocation became unbearable.

The right of secession and the thought of secession was frequently in the mind all along the infant years of the Republic. But the word "Secession" did not become a familiar term until the early sixties. Then the greeting was "Hello! old Secesh!" or "Are you secesh?" One might have thought that this awful thing the South had done was heard of for the first time, and had birth alone in the brains of the fiery aristocrats who tore themselves away from their plebean cousins; whereas history shows, as I have said, that every State believed it had a right to secede from the general government by the wording of our constitution, so when the pressure grew too close the terms, "Southern Rights," and "Secession," became the slogan of battle and sounded the tocsin of war.

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