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Brookhaven Connection

Brookhaven Connection
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The Brookhaven Connection

By Wade Gordon
Edited by Peter Moon

Above Top Secret:

In the wake of World War II and amidst a flurry of reported UFO's, the National Security Act was invoked in 1947 setting forth a policy of secrecy which has immersed the U.S. Government ever since in a labyrinth of security and intrigue. No facility has remained as cloaked in this mystery as Brookhaven National Laboratory, the premier nuclear research facility in the world. Located on Long Island near the old Nazi compound at Yaphank, Brookhaven was selected for clandestine research known as the Phoenix Project which merged the investigation from the UFO crash at Roswell with that of the Philadelphia Experiment of 1943 in order to probe the Unified Field Theory and secure practical applications of Time Travel.

The Brook Haven Connection is the real life story of Wade Gordon who as a young boy was tutored by the head of the Phoenix Project and introduced to a mysterious group known as Majestic-12, an Above Top Secret faction of the government said to stand on the threshold of humanity's evolution.

Pages 94-95

Arriving at BNL, we repeated our previous steps down towards the lab that housed "the chamber." This time, Mr. J led me across the hall to another oak door that was similar to and directly across the hall from the door we entered last time. He said that this room housed an "offshoot" of the chamber and was something they were not originally looking for. Mr. J concluded by saying that he had to tell me something before we went into the room and that was that "the chamber" opened the door to other applications that he found personally distasteful. It had to do with "mind control" experiments.

Mr. J said they had the ability to know what certain targets were thinking and that this could be determined from long distances away. He said that this was what the lab was used for. The only reason he showed it to me was because it explained why he had said "they would know if I told anyone." They could stop me because the device in there could read my thoughts. As we stood there in the doorway, I just wanted to run away and hide, by the looked down at me and told me not to be afraid and that it was all right. Mr. J then told me that this device was how he knew that I had talked to Dr. Stevens. They had read both of our minds and gave us the suggestion not to talk. I found this very difficult to believe. Up to that point, I believed everything Mr. J had told me, but this was a lot to swallow.

After 32 years, I have realized that I had not been able to tell anyone about this experience until now. Since that time, I always thought that the reason why I had never told anyone else about this was because I had given my word that I would not. After talking this over with Dr. Stevens, he said the same thing to me. Every time he wanted to tell someone about these matters, he could not. All he could think of was how much he would lose if he did.

Entering the "mind control" chamber, it looked the same as the lab across the hall, and I did not notice any differences. There was a keyboard, a monitor, and two cabinets of meters, knobs, and switches. It was then that I noticed the addition of two more cabinets with gauges and knobs and a placard at the top with the words written: "mind-transfer-interface."

Mr. J explained that it was basically the same lab but with additional equipment added to meet the needs of the experiment. He went on to say that they had found in their research that every person has an individualized "mind print" and to think of it like a "finger print." He said that this "mind print" was the same as the "soul." With this equipment, he said they could track someone down in time and space and know what they were thinking and influence their actions. Mr. J ended by saying that this project was funded by "the shop" and referred to as "the Phoenix Project." I asked him who "the shop" was, and he said it was a part of Central Intelligence interested in mind control and telekinesis. "The shop" wanted to use this machine to spy on the U.S.S.R. They already funded a remote viewing project, but this was cheaper and easier because anyone could do it, and it did not take someone gifted or trained as a remote viewer is. Mr. J ended by saying that the CIA did not know of the existence of the other chamber because they were not interested in time travel but only mind control. Consequently, they were never told about it.
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