TGS Authors L Savage Brief by the Republic of Texas vs. The United States (book and disk)

Brief by the Republic of Texas vs. The United States (book and disk)

Brief by the Republic of  Texas vs. The United States (book and disk)
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The Brief by the Republic of Texas
vs. The United States

by Laurence Savage

The following is the case of and for the people of the Republic of Texas. While referred to as a court case - it is a political question, since no government court or international court has jurisdiction to rule on the facts or its merits. The United States House of Representatives has refused to bring this political question to the floor of the House for over 140 years.

In reality and in fact, the Republic of Texas has never ceased to exist since its founding in 1836. It has a parallel existence, based in fact with the 'alleged' STATE OF TEXAS, a U.S. subsidiary, which has no lawful authority to exist.

No courts of the State of Texas or the United States have lawful jurisdiction over this nation of Texas matter, and have stated so in pleadings to those various courts. The court at the Hague also refused to hear our pleadings based on lack of jurisdiction in the matter.

The court we finally appeal to is the court of public opinion. You are one of those of the public who has the right and authority to judge our case on the facts and on TRUTH.

Excerpt 1:

The early statehood of Texas was not a smooth one. After four years, Governor Bell called for secession from the United States, and the Legislature voted for secession. The United States had militarily began occupying lands of Texas and setting up UNITED STATES army-protected settlements. The UNITED STATE ARMY marched into, then Santa Fe, Texas, in 1845, and took over the people, the government, and the town. After direct military confrontation between Texas troops and UNITED STATES troops, Texas wanted out of the United States. The United States realizing it was about to lose Texas made the Compromise of 1850, tendering an offer to pay for the stolen territories. This turned out to be a hollow promise, the lands were never fully paid for. (Exhibit 94)

After the Civil War, of which the Republic of Texas never declared war on the United States nor surrendered to it, the United States marched into Texas and began to occupy it militarily. It should be remembered that the South did not declare the war, known as the civil war, nor did it fire the first shot. These were acts of the UNITED STATES government. After the war the Texas government was under UNITED STATES Army martial law, and northern carpetbaggers (conquerors) were being appointed to run the government. When an election was held for certain offices the Army was there with guns to force the vote their way. When Texian's voted their Confederate heroes to the UNITED STATES Congress, Congress refused to seat them or allow them to vote. During the passage of the 14th and 15th amendments to the UNITED STATES constitution, Texas was not allowed to vote on the amendments because the UNITED STATES Congress declared that Texas was not a state! Even a rightfully elected governor of Texas was removed by the Commander in Chief (President) of the United States and replaced with one by UNITED STATES MILITARY appointment.

To hide the reality and fact that Texas was a nation, free of the United States, lawfully, though not militarily, the UNITED STATES Congress decided to re-annex Texas as part of the Louisiana Purchase in 1866. The nation or soils of Texas were never part of the Louisiana Purchase and UNITED STATES treaties dating back to 1819 recognized this. (Exhibit 170)

During the Reconstruction Period of the Southern States or the Destruction Period of the nation of Texas, since Texas did not need reconstruction, because the war was not fought on Texas soil, the United States Army removed the Great Land Registers of Texas which held the records of Title and Ownership of lands. Then at gunpoint and threat of loss of property Texians were forced to turn over their land grants, land patents, and allodial titles for fee simple deeds. Records were even found where the United States took Texas lands, without payment, and made military bases and ordered the UNITED STATES Army military government in Texas to cede jurisdiction of that land to the United States. The UNITED STATES Army with their carpetbagging monsters then forced a constitution on the Texian people in 1869, not of their freewill, not of self governing people, but on the threats of the UNITED STATES Army. Citizens in West Texas attempted to adopt another constitution in 1869. (Exhibit 146)

Excerpt 2:

Regardless of the historical evidences, documents, court rulings, legal opinions, of the past, TODAY's citizens of the Republic of Texas have the inherent RIGHT to separate themselves from the corrupt court systems, where you have the right to qualified representation until you run out of money; from the inept legislative arm of government, who voted a special commendation for "Population Control" award to a mass murderer in Texas, known as the "Texas Boston Strangler;" (Exhibit 218) from insane laws, such as Yoakum, Texas which ENFORCES a law that curfews children from all public streets, stores, public buildings, during daylight hours; from a executive arm which refuses to investigate charges of insurance fraud, conspiracy, child murdering, bank fraud, filed against judges, bankers, and lawyers in Texas (Exhibit 231); an immoral and atheistic judicial system which refuses to allow a party to defend themselves, refuses to allow any scripture of any kind in their courts, and refuses to allow the ten commandments or a Bible in any of the courtrooms. This is NOT the America, land of the free that is fondly spoken of in history books, this is an immoral, corrupt, out-of-control, FEDERAL government operating outside the enumerated powers of their constitution -- with a bully arm that controls all subsidiary governments in the several states.

The Republic of Texas -- Texian people are not the only peoples in America CRYING out for justice out of the United States! There are known secessionary independence moves in Florida, Kansas, Ohio, Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Louisiana, Indian Nations, and others. Independent militias are entrenched now in all areas of the United States, seeking justice and there to eventually guarantee it. The fraud, the lies, the hypocrisy of this atheistic evil United States empire must come to an end as did the amoral Soviet empire. People are standing up for righteousness all over the United States and in the nation of Texas, and not being heard. They are tagged by the media and the governments as 'paper terrorists', 'anti-government constitutionalists,' radicals, etc., just for not agreeing with or to the UNITED STATES continuing its atrocities and its immoral and unlawful acts. How can a constitutionalist be anti-government when it is the constitution that created, gave life to the government? Are the anti-terrorist bills being passed by this illicit government going to be used against the paper terrorists? YES! The UNITED STATES controlled media, is not letting the world know the truth of what is going on in the American continents. The people inside the borders are kept even more ignorant of the truth than people outside this continent. The judicial system is convicting these people standing up for righteousness and truth, putting them in their jails and prisons, for non-crimes! They are political prisoners! If there is no crime committed convict them of mail fraud...that is the judge's ploy. Mail cannot be the cause of a crime.

Without PEACEFUL and LAWFUL resolution based upon TRUTH and FACT, what is left is pure tyranny left entrenched in the District of Columbia. In the Hands of the Supreme Judge, now rests our case.


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