Historical Reprints Religion Babylonian Legends of Creation - Fight Between Bel and the Dragon

Babylonian Legends of Creation - Fight Between Bel and the Dragon

Babylonian Legends of Creation - Fight Between Bel and the Dragon
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The Babylonian Legends
of the Creation
and the
Fight Between
Bel and the Dragon

Told by Assyrian Tablets From Nineveh

E. A. Wallis Budge

The baked clay tablets and portions of tablets which describe the views and beliefs of the Babylonians and Assyrians about the Creation were discovered by Mr. (later Sir) A.H. Layard, Mormuzd Rassam and George Smith, Assistant in the Department of Oriental Antiquities in the British Museum.

They were found among the ruins of the Palace and Library of Ashur-bani-pal (B.C. 668-626) at Kuyunjik (Nineveh), between the years 1848 and 1876. Between 1866 and 1870, the great "find" of tablets and fragments, some 20,000 in number, which Rassam made in 1852, was worked through by George Smith, who identified many of the historical inscriptions of Shalmaneser II, Tiglath-Pileser III, Sargon II, Sennacherib, Esarhaddon, and other kings mentioned in the Bible, and several literary compositions of a legendary character, fables, etc.

In the course of this work he discovered fragments of various versions of the Babylonian Legend of the Deluge, and portions of several texts belonging to a work which treated of the beginning of things, and of the Creation. In 1870, Rawlinson and Smith noted allusions to the Creation in the important tablet K.63, but the texts of portions of tablets of the Creation Series at that time available for study were so fragmentary that it was impossible for these scholars to find their correct sequence.

During the excavations which Smith carried out at Kuyunjik in 1873 and 1874 for the proprietors of the Daily Telegraph and the Trustees of the British Museum, he was, he tells us, fortunate enough to discover "several fragments of the Genesis Legends." In January, 1875, he made an exhaustive search among the tablets in the British Museum, and in the following March he published, in the Daily Telegraph (March 4th), a summary of the contents of about twenty fragments of the series of tablets describing the creation of the heavens and the earth.

In November of the same year he communicated to the Society of Biblical Archaeology1 copies of:--(1) the texts on fragments of the First and Fifth Tablets of Creation; (2) a text describing the fight between the "Gods and Chaos"; and (3) a fragmentary text which, he believed, described the Fall of Man. In the following year he published translations of all the known fragments of the Babylonian Creation Legends in his "Chaldean Account of Genesis" (London, 1876, 8vo, with photographs). In this volume were included translations of the Exploits of Gizdubar (Gilgamish), and some early Babylonian fables and legends of the gods.


1. "The holy house, the house of the gods in the holy place had not yet been made.
2. "No reed had sprung up, no tree had been made.
3. "No brick had been laid, no structure of brick had been erected.
4. "No house had been made, no city had been built.
5. "No city had been made, no creature had been constituted.
6. "Enlil's city, (i.e., Nippur) had not been made, E-kur had not been built,
7. "Erech had not been made, E-Aena had not been built,
8. The Deep (or Abyss) had not been made, Eridu
9. "Of the holy house, the house of the gods, the dwelling-place had not been made.
10. "All the lands were sea
11. "At the time that the mid-most sea was [shaped like] a trough,
12. "At that time Eridu was made, and E-sagil was built,
13. "The E-sagil where in the midst of the Deep the god Lugal-dul-azaga dwelleth,
14. "Babylon was made, E-sagil was completed.
15. "The gods the Anunnaki he created at one time.
16. "They proclaimed supreme the holy city, the dwelling of their heart's happiness.
17. "Marduk laid a rush mat upon the face of the waters,
18. "He mixed up earth and moulded it upon the rush mat,
19. "To enable the gods to dwell in the place where they fain would be.
20. "He fashioned man.


Discovery of the Tablets.
Publication of the Creation Tablets.
The Object of the Babylonian Legend of the Creation.
Variant Forms of the Babylonian Legend of the Creation.
The "Bilingual" Version of the Creation Legend.
The Legend of the Creation According to Berosus and Damascius.
[The Slaughter Of The Queen Of The Abyss.]
[The Creation Of Man.]
[Belus Creates The Universe.]
The Seven Tablets of Creation. Description of Their Contents.
The Seven Tablets of Creation. Translation.
First Tablet.
Second Tablet.
Third Tablet.
Fourth Tablet.
Fifth Tablet.
Sixth Tablet.
Seventh Tablet.

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