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Pierre Benoit

If the following pages are ever to see the light of day it will be because they have been stolen from me. The delay that I exact before they shall be disclosed assures me of that.

As to this disclosure, let no one distrust my aim when I prepare for it, when I insist upon it. You may believe me when I maintain that no pride of authorship binds me to these pages. Already I am too far removed from all such things. Only it is useless that others should enter upon the path from which I shall not return.


Four o'clock in the morning. Soon the sun will kindle the hamada with its pink fire. All about me the bordj is asleep. Through the half-open door of his room I hear Andrè de Saint-Avit breathing quietly, very quietly.

In two days we shall start, he and I. We shall leave the bordj. We shall penetrate far down there to the South. The official orders came this morning.

Now, even if I wished to withdraw, it is too late. Andrè and I asked for this mission. The authorization that I sought, together with him, has at this moment be-come an order. The hierarchic channels cleared, the pressure brought to bear at the Ministry;-and then to be afraid, to recoil before this adventure! . . .

To be afraid, I said. I know that I am not afraid! One night in the Gurara, when I found two of my sentinels slaughtered, with the shameful cross cut of the Berbers slashed across their stomachs,-then I was afraid. I know what fear is. Just so now, when I gazed into the black depths, whence suddenly all at once the great red sun will rise, I know that it is not with fear that I tremble. I feel surging within me the sacred horror of this mys-tery, and its irresistible attraction.

Delirious dreams, perhaps. The mad imaginings of a brain surcharged, and an eye distraught by mirages. The day will come, doubtless, when I shall reread these pages with an indulgent smile, as a man of fifty is accus-tomed to smile when he rereads old letters.

Delirious dreams. Mad imaginings. But these dreams, these imaginings, are dear to me.


Preface Atlantida
Chapter I A Southern Assignment
Chapter II Captain De Saint-Avit
Chapter III The Morhange-Saint-Avit Mission
Chapter IV Towards Latitude 25
Chapter V The Inscription
Chapter VI The Disaster of the Lettuce
Chapter VII The Country of Fear
Chapter VIII Awakening At Ahaggar
Chapter IX Atlantis
Chapter X The Red Marble Hall
Chapter XI Antinea
Chapter XII Morhange Disappears
Chapter XIII The Hetman of Jitomir's Story
Chapter XIV Hours Of Waiting
Chapter XV The Lament Of Tanit-Zerga
Chapter XVI The Silver Hammer
Chapter XVII The Maidens Of The Rocks
Chapter XVIII The Fire-Flies
Chapter XIX The Tanezruft
Chapter XX The Circle Is Complete

Softcover, 8¼" x 5¼", 240+ pages