Hidden Mysteries of the Pyramid

This rare book was photocopied and given to me by Alfred Bielek {survivor of the Philadelphia Experiment} in 1996, when he stayed at my home for a few months. It has never been professionally published. A few thousand copies were published once by the author himself.

Strabo, a geographer commissioned by Rome, over 2000 years ago, made notes on the Great Pyrmamid and it's South Slope entrance. A book on the history of the expeditions to the pyramid stated, Strabo had his directions wrong. This did not hold water, because Strabo was the best in his field and even geographers know the sun rises in the east. Strabo mapped the known world for the Rome and located the seven wonders of the world, but he could not tell south from north?

According to Al Bielek, everytime the author, David Lewis would get a publisher interested in publishing the book, the publisher would suddenly back away, with IRS problems or other federal intervention.

He told me that every person who had anything to do with these expeditions had died by 1996, under accidental or mysterious circumstances, including Anwar Sadat!

I sincerely believe in the book's and author's veracity. It confirms the Genesis account of creation. Our interpretation has been wrong, but the text is correct.

Other facts in this book reveal truths in old lore, such as the 'open sesame' tale.

The book is full of intrigue, but so much new information was contained in it, I could not put it down until I finished it.

My appreciation goes to Al Bielek for preserving this manuscript and to David Lewis for the revelations he uncovered.