(privately published by Author about 1985)

-Caveat Lector-

A book review by Jon/Voltron
From: earthman {hardjube@IHUG.CO.NZ}

OF all the books written about the Hall of Records this is the best one. It is written by David H. Lewis. He claims to have gone into a room 980 feet below the Great Pyramid at Giza. He opened a rock in the middle of the south side by toning. That's right, a sound wave of certain pitch sent one of the 50 ton slabs of limestone into motion. It rose back and up to allow four men to scamper underneath before closing 30 seconds later. IT would not be able to open again for 21 hours. During this time, the squad climbed down 144 stairs. There was dust, mildew and cobwebs all the way down. They could not see for THE clouds of dust. Finally they came to THE bottom. A four story building stood before them. IT was 300 by 400 feet. They had to do another tone to get beyond a door. But once inside the first floor, they saw booths full of machines, for lack of better words. In one was a book under a glass covering. IT contained THE history of man on earth since his beginning here 576,000 years ago. IT was opened to THE present time. It mentioned how other races came here from other planets to start a civilization on earth. They mentioned Lemuria and Atlantis. It mentioned 6 races altogether. It said how most of them self destructed thru greed and miss use of power.

IT said we have until 2001 to exist before making ourselves become extinct. In one room was a device for transposing yourself in time. That is a Time Machine. One would stand in a 12 foot tube with arms outstretched. none of the machines had wires, but all were able to be activated. One levitation device was aimed a the explorers. IT caused a flashlight to be levitated upward toward THE ceiling. IT was immediately shut off.

500,000 discs were discovered. Their use is undetermined. They crumple like aluminum foil but when cast on table they return to normal shape. No knife can cut them. NO fire can burn it. A bullet at close range cannot penetrate it. IT is believed these discs, ranging from 7 to 14 inches are records. Like CDs. One of the artifacts, THE golden turntable in another corner is used to "Play " them. They produce holograms. To tell /teach you something, they place you in an interactive hologram of it. Yes. Like Star Trek. The Holodeck. Only this is real. and in Egypt.

2,700 microfilm were taken. Much was learned even though the film were taken at random from that historical metal library. We learned of our previous civilizations, as I indicated earlier, their language and their accomplishments while the remained at peace and did little to disturb the natural element of earth's atmosphere or its central core of energy. We learned that Egyptians are direct descendants of THE Atlantean race. And the name changes that took place over thousands of years where they existed.

We are about to go on a Journey. All Aboard