(privately published by Author about 1985)

Notes by Alfred Bielek {Survivor of the Philadelphia Experiment}

This definitive work out lines both the "standard" interpretation of the Pyramid measurements and its correlation to Biblical Prophecy, and the true history of the Pyramid at Gizeh: its construction, by whom, and for what purpose.

Early in 1936, a concrete vault was discovered during construction some 97 feet below the land surface -- approx. 60 miles east of Athens, Greece in rocky terrain. In the vault was found only a small teakwood box - slightly larger than a cigar box, containing parchment like scrolls in nearly perfect condition.

On July 14, 1940, a select group of research scholars and archeologists met in Paris, France to examine the contents of the box. It contained 5 non-parchment paper-like scrolls written in 5 different languages including Atlantean. Dates on the scrolls went back to at least 1260 A.D.

After decades of work -- of decoding, deciphering, and reconstruction of the languages -- the real work lay yet before them. It was realized that these documents provided a roadmap to the interior secret passages of the Pyramid, and the code for gaining access to the secret chamber 500 feet BELOW the baseline of the Pyramid.

In June of 1976, 40 years after discovery of the scrolls, access was gained to the secret chambers - in 3 levels. Six expeditions to this series of rooms were mounted, ending in 1977.

This book is a documentary of the trials and tribulations -- as well as the successful accomplishments - of the 11 expedition members, and what they found: a treasure trove of ultimate scientific instruments (still working) and recordings left by a superior race ages ago.

The author, David H. Lewis, is now "of the ages" -- as well as 4 other original members of the group. The microfilm records taken in the rooms are "lost" -- or at best, in safekeeping.

Notes by Alfred Bielek - March 1990.

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