Whether y2k or some natural disaster the prudent person will survive because he has prepared for a water shortage
Why Water?

In a crisis, public water supplies (i.e. tap water) can become contaminated or altogether lost.

The American Red Cross recommends that everyone keep at least a three day supply of water in case of disaster such as a hurricane or tornado. However, disaster victims in Florida can tell you that three days of water is not enough. Storing water for an emergency is very important. However, storing the large amounts of water that could be needed in a real emergency is impractical. Therefore, everyone needs to have a potable water supply.

Water can be acquired from creeks, streams, lakes, mud puddles, and the like, but this water could be unsafe or even dangerous to drink. You could simply add a disinfectant to this water and be done with it. But how do you explain to your children that a glass of muddy water is safe to drink. And what about the pesticides, lead, and other matter such as excrement which are not removed by the addition of a simple disinfectant.

Who will best survive any crisis?… those who are prepared. The first thing for which you must prepare is water. A sure water supply is more important, than shelter, food and clothing. And who will best survive man made and natural disasters, as well as political and social upheavals? Again, those who are prepared. It is important that you secure your water supply first. Ask the refugees from Kosovo who fled from their homes and villages with nothing but the clothes on their back. Their number one problem, even for those who made it to the refugee camps, was drinkable water.

Whether weather or some other disaster, the prudent person will prepare for a water shortage.

A Water Crisis

In the United States alone if only 1/3 of the water filtration plants failed and if one of them were yours, the Government would not be able to supply you with emergency water. There are not enough trucks to carry water to over 80 million people. Your local grocery store will run out of water in just hours. People could be fighting in the streets over water. We can help you solve your water problems.

We have designed, built, and tested a simple gravity based water purifier easily made from less than $100.00 worth of readily available materials. The water we used to test our system came from a nearby stream which begins at a storm sewer and we knew that it contained excrement. We are so confident in this system, we drank the resulting filtered water!

Those inexpensive water filters you can buy from grocery, discount, hardware, etc. stores are designed to handle only tap water. They will be useless in a real crisis. Don't waste your money on these. Our water purifying system will handle creek, stream, lake, and even river water with ease. We will give you our plans for only the cost of shipping and handling. We started out building this for ourselves. But the plans are too good not to share; so, we are giving them away.

We are making the prints, assembly instructions, user instructions, and several important "what ifs" (What if tap water was available but suspect? What would you do?) available for very little cost. (mostly to cover the web expenses).

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