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Thoth - Architect of the Universe

Thoth - Architect of the Universe
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Architect of the Universe

by Ralph Ellis

Thoth, Architect of the Universe, finds verifiable proof that the great henges and pyramids were complex monuments, built by a technical civilization. The designer has specifically designed these monuments to mimic both the layout of the Earth and its motions in space. The author has been diligent in ensuring that each and every claim that is made in this respect is verifiable using everyday science, these designs are real artifacts - they are not based on speculation.

  • Was the Imperial Measurement system based on the Giza pyramids?

  • Did the ancient Britons worship the mathematical constant Pi?

  • Was the design of the Avebury Henge based on the form of the Earth?

  • Was Neolithic man conversant with latitudes and longitudes?

  • Was the layout of the pyramids and henges intended to mimic the stars?

  • Was the Great Pyramid designed as a map of the Earth?

  • Was Stonehenge designed to mimic the motions of the Earth?


Page 6:

Forbidden mystery

In essence, the starting point for this whole idea of a lost technical civilization was, for many people, the connection discovered long ago that the height of the Great Pyramid - the largest pyramid on the Giza site - is linked to its circumference by a factor of Pi. For a long time this was hotly disputed, but, the more carefully people have measured this pyramid, the more accurate this ratio has become and Mark Lehner, in his absorbing work The Complete Pyramids, gives the Pi slope angle for the Great Pyramid to the nearest six seconds of arc. Such accuracy in stonework is unparalleled, even in modern architecture. Surprisingly, instead of rejoicing at this marvel, the Egyptologists seem to be driven to despair; for it is difficult to equate these high levels of knowledge with a Bronze Age culture. Accordingly, even though this fact is now grudgingly accepted for the Great Pyramid, it is instantly dismissed with brush-off exclamations of 'accident' or 'coincidence'.

In a similar way, we are not really taught that no pyramid has ever been found to contain a mummy and that the Giza pyramids have no verifiable inscriptions or hieroglyphs anywhere on the whole plateau. Even seasoned and respected authors talk of the Giza pyramids and then discuss the wealth of hieroglyphic texts in the pyramids in almost the same breath. What they have done, of course, is to jump on to describing what is known under the traditional chronology as being the fifth and sixth dynasty pyramids, but the reader is still left with images of the Great Pyramid of Giza, and perhaps draws the wrong conclusions.

This can be likened to the way in which religions are taught. After more than 1,500 years of Christian teaching in the Western world, the vast majority of people do not know that Jesus had brothers and sisters. People are taught a standard doctrine and they tend to pass it on without question. It is easier for them: it stops the boat from rocking, especially when careers and vast social empires have been built upon those doctrines. It suits the Christian teachers very nicely not to worry the proletariat about mere brothers and sisters; it suits the Egyptologists not to worry the proletariat about Pi ratios and the lack of any verifiable inscriptions in the Giza pyramids. Our teachers have secrets and we are kept very much in the dark.

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Softbound, 6 x 9, 290 pages

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