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TGS Publishing, founded 1999, publishes out of print books, new authors, specialty books, and books for test marketing.

TGS has maintained a website presence via since 1999, making the top 100,000 websites in ranking several times during that period.

TGS is a wholesale supplier direct to bookstores and distributors, along with drop shipping orders for publishers, bookstores, and authors.

TGS maintains a Print on Demand operation for publishers and authors, keeping the price and costs the lowest in the industry, with 10 day turn around for orders.

TGS Services offers website construction, maintenance, shopping cart installations, domain name registrar services, and dedicated server leases.

TGS Publishing
22241 Pinedale Lane,
Frankston, Texas 75763


A Book of Remarkable Criminals
Catalog #: SKU3663

The silent workings, and still more the explosions, of human passion which bring to light the darker elements of man's nature present to the philosophical observer considerations of intrinsic interest; while to the jurist, the study of human nature and human character with its infinite varieties, especially as affecting the connection between motive and action, between irregular desire or evil disposition and crime itself, is equally indispensable and difficult.

Catalog #: SKU1722

The mystery of the human body has confounded man since his thinking skills arrived. Even in recent history, from Leonardo Da Vinci to the modern DNA geneticists, the mysteries of the human body continue to excite the minds of scientists. This reprint is one fine example of one man's study into the mechanics of the body, comparing its functions to other mechanical devices. A nice analysis between the 'natural' and the mechanical.

A Book About Fear
Catalog #: SKU1417

There surely may come a time for each of us, if we have lived with any animation or interest, if we have had any constant or even fitful desire to penetrate and grasp the significance of the strange adventure of life, a time, I say, when we may look back a little, not sentimentally or with any hope of making out an impressive case for ourselves, and interrogate the memory as to what have been the most real, vivid, and intense things that have befallen us by the way.

A Bit of Atlantis
Catalog #: SKU2421

An interesting study of the Lost Atlantis, not one usually presented.

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