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TGS Publishing, founded 1999, publishes out of print books, new authors, specialty books, and books for test marketing.

TGS has maintained a website presence via since 1999, making the top 100,000 websites in ranking several times during that period.

TGS is a wholesale supplier direct to bookstores and distributors, along with drop shipping orders for publishers, bookstores, and authors.

TGS maintains a Print on Demand operation for publishers and authors, keeping the price and costs the lowest in the industry, with 10 day turn around for orders.

TGS Services offers website construction, maintenance, shopping cart installations, domain name registrar services, and dedicated server leases.

TGS Publishing
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Sweet Lips
Catalog #: SKU4144

Though the topics and themes are much the same as American erotica, the British use of English adds a luster to the stories, missing from the vulgar used in America. For all the Bible thumpers, sapphism was not banned in the Bible anywhere!

Naughty Hot Nun
Catalog #: SKU4145

As the sex and pedophile scandals rock the Catholic and Protestant worlds one has to wonder if these erotic tales of the church were more than just fictions!These British erotica books were seldom distributed in America. With impassioned cries of righteousness, certain segments of society are perpetually seeking to foist their ideas of moral indignation on the rest. As a result, many people with normal human drives become pressured into thinking that their needs and wants are perverted.

Who sets these people up as the rule makers? Usually it is the feeling in every one of us that there has to be some kind of order to our lives, that there must be a definitive right way which means there must be a definitive wrong way, as well.

Get Rid of the Panties
Catalog #: SKU4147

Of all the social institutions which have had to endure change and weather criticism, the family concept is, perhaps, the most pronounced. Subjected to the undermining forces of our modern liberal culture, the family unit has undergone immeasurable challenge.

Neighbors are Banging the Back Door
Catalog #: SKU4148

Although Americans appear to the rest of the world as frank and open people, the truth is often the opposite when relating on a personal basis. This is particularly true regarding sexual matters.

Girl's Camp Days
Catalog #: SKU4153

This book is intended for the adult book connoisseur, who can fly into a fantasy world of sexual wonders and delights without hesitation, without immaturity, without prudishness, and without inhibitions of the mind.

Her Anal Persuasion
Catalog #: SKU4158

It is not enough to have sympathy for others. One must also have a well developed sense of self protection. For even the most reasonable person, honesty carried too far can be a failing.

Love Thy Neighbor in Chains
Catalog #: SKU4222

Erotic books and topics can be healthy, allowing one to escape for a few hours, the demands and stresses of the modern world on our health, minds, and bodies.

Modeling Pleasure
Catalog #: SKU4224

The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy, exposed only under extremely trying and tempting conditions.

Farmer's Daughter
Catalog #: SKU4241

Lana craved more than her mountain home could offer. All she could look forward to was a lifetime of drudgery, with a cabin full of squalling brats.

The following novella is a work of fantasy and fiction. Scenes described are for the imagination and fantasy of the reader. In real life some scenes might be illegal if performed.

Sex in the Sticks
Catalog #: SKU4242

They took turns carrying the tent which sheltered them at night. Although it was the lightest model available that would shelter three, its eight pounds made a considerable difference after a few hours on the trail.

The following novella is a work of fantasy and fiction. Scenes described are for the imagination and fantasy of the reader. In real life some scenes might be illegal if performed.

Hebrew Enoch 3
Catalog #: SKU4243

Hebrew Enoch 3 is an Old Testament Apocryphal book. 3 Enoch purports to have been written in the 2nd century CE, but its origins can only be traced to the 5th century. Other names for 3 Enoch include "The Third Book of Enoch", "The Book of the Palaces", "The Book of Rabbi Ishmael the High Priest" and "The Revelation of Metatron"

Body Snatchers (KINDLE EDITION)
Catalog #: SKU4300

This book is about an alien race. They are taking over our planet. This alien race is known as 'the reptilians.' They are body snatching ~ taking over human bodies. I became involved with one such reptilian host and the reptilian entity working for him. I am now free of all of them. Exposed are unique insights into exactly how a reptilian exists as a human. Secrecy is their power.

Conspiracy in the Heavens - Kindle-Emobi Ebook
Catalog #: SKU5000

This is a book about karma thieves. It follows my experiences in the first book the " Body Snatchers" and takes me into the dark side of the angelic realm where Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel and Mary Magdalene are dark sided. And work together as the Gabriel Crime family to steal a karma secret. Ettissh the reptilian who featured in the Body Snatchers bribes them with a reptilian secret on karma and his deal is, they can't use it unless they kill me. They then set about trying to kill me for 3 years, persecuting me. . I am the karma police to them

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Catalog #: SKU5998

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