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TGS Publishing, founded 1999, publishes out of print books, new authors, specialty books, and books for test marketing.

TGS has maintained a website presence via since 1999, making the top 100,000 websites in ranking several times during that period.

TGS is a wholesale supplier direct to bookstores and distributors, along with drop shipping orders for publishers, bookstores, and authors.

TGS maintains a Print on Demand operation for publishers and authors, keeping the price and costs the lowest in the industry, with 10 day turn around for orders.

TGS Services offers website construction, maintenance, shopping cart installations, domain name registrar services, and dedicated server leases.

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History of Circumcision
Catalog #: SKU1713

Whether or not you agree with the Doctor's conclusions about circumcision, this has to be the most exhaustive history reference ever written on this unusual subject. In ancient Egypt the performance of circumcision was at one time limited to the priesthood

History of Conspiracy And Abuse of Legal Procedure
Catalog #: SKU2133

This author shows how justice is denied, many times purposely through the abuse of legal procedure. Learn HOW they do it you under the disguise of law and justice.

History of Count Zosimus
Catalog #: SKU0955

THE language of Zosimus, according to the judgment of Photius, Patriarch of Constantinople, in his BIBLIOTHECA, is concise, expressive, pure, and sweet; but, being a Heathen, he often reproaches the Christian Princes, and is upon that account reprehended by the same Photius, by Evagrius, Nicephorus, and others: it is, however, the opinion of Leunclavius, that Zosimus ought to be believed even in those relations, there being no doubt that the Christian Princes were guilty of many enormities, which could not be passed over by the faithful Historian.

History of Egypt Under the Pharaohs
Catalog #: SKU3869

It is now twenty years since I ventured on the attempt to lay before the friends and admirers of Egyptian antiquity, in the French language, a History of Egypt under the Pharaohs according to the evidence of the Monuments, in so far as they have been preserved from the earliest times down to our own age.

History of Esarhaddon, Son of Sennacherib
Catalog #: SKU3048

Esarhaddon was the son and successor of Sennacherib. He rebuilt Babylon, which his father had destroyed, and conquered Egypt. Contents: The Genealogy and Accession of Esarhaddon, and Principal Events of His Reign; List of Texts; System of Transliteration of Assyrian Signs; List of Eponyms; Will of Sennacherib; Titles of Esarhaddon; Esarhaddon's Battle at Khanirabbat; The War Against Nabu-Zir-Napisti-Esir; Expedition Against Abdi-Milcutti, King of Tsidon; Expedition Against Cilicia; Arabian War of Esarhaddon; The Median War; The Buildings of Esarhaddon; The Building of the Palace; The Names of the Eight Kings; The Names of the Twenty-two Kings of The Country of the Hittites and the Sea-Coast; Esarhaddon's Egyptian Campaign; and Names of the Kings Appointed Over Egypt by Esarhaddon.

History of Freedom of Thought
Catalog #: SKU1463

IT is a common saying that thought is free. A man can never be hindered from thinking whatever he chooses so long as he conceals what he thinks. The working of his mind is limited only by the bounds of his experience and the power of his imagination.

History of Herodotus
Catalog #: SKU0031

Written circa 500 B.C., the History of Herodotus is easily one of the most quoted tomes in the study of ancient history. Learn the history of the Ancient worlds of Atlantis, Troy, Egypt, Greece, Lydia, and many, many others.

History of Initiation, The
Catalog #: SKU2130

Account of the Rites and Ceremonies,Doctrines & Disciplines,of All the Secret and Mysterious >
Institutions of the Ancient World -- Rare look into the rites of initiation, the origin, meaning, symbolism, and history.

History of Ireland, An Illustrated - AD 400 To 1800
Catalog #: SKU1587

The history of the different races who form an integral portion of the British Empire, should be one of the most carefully cultivated studies of every member of that nation. To be ignorant of our own history, is a disgrace; to be ignorant of the history of those whom we govern, is an injustice.

History of Modern Mathematics
Catalog #: SKU1442

It need hardly be said that the field of mathematics is now so extensive that no one can longer pretend to cover it, least of all the specialist in any one department. Furthermore it takes a century or more to weigh men and their discoveries, thus making the judgment of contemporaries often quite worthless.

History of Monetary Crimes - Barbara Villiers
Catalog #: SKU0044

The right to coin money and regulate its value was the exclusive prerogative of the State. The author cites early historical examples when this special privilege of government was usurped.

History of Monetary Systems
Catalog #: SKU2132

This history of monetary systems comes from the undisputed monetary scholar Alexander Del Mar, once the head of the US Bureau of Mines.

History of Money in America
Catalog #: SKU1177

There is possibly no greater master of the history and frauds used in money systems from antiquity to the present day than Alexander Del Mar. TGS continues to seek out all books of this rare author and talent from the late 1800s and early 1900s. Del Mar was the head of the Bureau of Mining for the United States in the 1800s. His specialty was researching the history of money, coins, and fiat systems.

History of Painting
Catalog #: SKU1470

The limited time given to the study of art in the average educational institution has not only dictated the condensed style of the volumes, but has limited their scope of matter to the general features of art history. Arch

History of Phoenicia
Catalog #: SKU1079

The Empire of Phoenicia is one of the 'least written about,' great civilizations of the ancient world. TGS Historical Reprints keeps this rare research volume available to the public. Ph