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Return of The Gods-Complete Series
Catalog #: SKU1029


Magdalene Legacy - The Jesus and Mary Bloodline Conspiracy
Catalog #: SKU1040

Laurence Gardner's historical detective story on the suppressed archives of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and their hidden lineage first began in his 1996 worldwide bestseller Bloodline of the Holy Grail. Since then, these controversial themes have been taken up in the world of fiction with the bestselling novel The Da Vinci Code, triggering a new and heated debate about the mysterious life of Mary Magdalene.

Re-Inheriting the Earth
Catalog #: SKU0601

This breakthrough book by a noted visionary scientist-author reveals the corruptions of and solutions for a global culture deeply troubled by pollution, greed and suppression. Many approaches are examined: scientific, ecological, philosophical, political, social, spiritual and personal. Included are the latest developments in new energy, oil politics, what underlies the California and global energy crunch, and what choices we have for solving the crisis.

Saints or Sinners? Which?
Catalog #: SKU1105

SAINTS and sinners are not two selected from the numerous classes to be met with in the world, with which in every-day life we come in contact. They comprise the entire population of the globe. This is the one broad and essential division which includes all mankind. There are black races and white ones; but, then, there are also the intermediate red, olive, and dusky. There are tall men and short ones, heavy men and light ones; but not to the exclusion of those of middle height or weight, which stand somewhere between the two.

Evils of Popular Ignorance
Catalog #: SKU1094

Religion, particularly Christianity, has enslaved the world through ignorance. Religion permeates the culture, the politics, and the government, allowing ignorants to rule and control. Ignorance promotes war, inhumanity, disease, and poverty. Education ends religion's control of the people. It is hoped that this reprint in a popular form may serve the purpose of contributing something, in co-operation with the present exertions, to expose, and partially remedy, the lamentable and nationally disgraceful ignorance to which the people of our country have been so long abandoned.

Woman, Find Your Voice, Vision, Power
Catalog #: SKU1146

What does it take to get someone to pick up your book and want to read it? This is a very good question for a first time author to ask. So I jumped in and decided that it would probably be a "catchy" title

Catalog #: SKU1089

Religion has an important bearing on all the relations and conditions of life. The connexion between religious faith and political practice is, in truth, far closer than is generally thought. Public opinion has not yet ripened into a knowledge that religious error is the intangible but real substratum of all political injustice.

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