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Spiritual Uplifting


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Secret Power of Words (Large Print Wide Margin Edition)
Catalog #: SKU1955

Words are SPOKEN as rewards from those we love, or used as weapons to cause hurt. Words inspire us. They form an atomic link of spirit to the very Presence of God. They evoke the very presence of evil. They can bring either miracles or mayhem, love or lust, health or sickness, gratification or utter despair.

Ownership of All Life, The
Catalog #: SKU1960

Notes on Scandals,Conspiracies and Coverups. Removes the mask from gigantic corporate strategies and reveals their underlying ambitions: not only control of vast material power but the owning of life processes themselves, literally making the planet a commodity. Read this expos

Chapters of Life
Catalog #: SKU2012

Tim Beckley's Inner Light brings another of the Rampa books back to the forefront of attention by truth seekers, and for those interested in the study of the spiritual. A baby who was to become a Great Disciple of the soon-to-be Leader of Man. Yet again in another city where East meets West, and both are soiled thereby, a two-year-old baby boy solemnly fingered the yellowed leaves of an ancient book.

New Planet, The
Catalog #: SKU2022

People look into puzzling mysteries and try to find an underlying harmony. They think: If we have harmony, then we have peace. If we have harmony, then we have love. If we have harmony, then we have spiritual illumination. If we have harmony, then we have salvation.

Saffron Robe
Catalog #: SKU2023

Incredible reprint from Inner Light of Rampa's best! STRANGE shadows rippled before my uncaring gaze, undulating across my vision like colorful phantoms from some remote, pleasant world. The sun-dappled water lay tranquil inches from my face.

Candle of Vision
Catalog #: SKU2034

WHEN I am in my room looking upon the walls I have painted I see there reflections of the personal life, but when I look through the windows I see a living nature and landscapes not painted by hands.

Catalog #: SKU2040

When it comes to my work, I don't really care what's SUPPOSED TO happen. I'm not interested in that premise at all. I'm interested in improvisation over an extended period of time, and in this session I was very fortunate to work with bassist Putter Smith. To say he is one of the giants on his instrument, although true, doesn't begin to pay homage to his talent.

Thunderhead Cantos
Catalog #: SKU2079

I wrote the poems for The Thunderhead Cantos over a long period of time. The bulk of the work was done in six years. Then there was a lot of re-arranging of pieces. Finally, I decided I wanted to present it as a reading, rather than as text, so I recorded it.

Lover's Calendar, The
Catalog #: SKU2143

A full year's calendar with a thought, poem, or inspiration for lovers for each day.

Lost Letters from Lesbos
Catalog #: SKU2203

Love letters written by a woman infatuated with the appeal of Lesbos.

Lift Off From Traversa
Catalog #: SKU2515

Sex = The Unknown Quantity : The Spiritual Function of Sex
Catalog #: SKU2639

A New and Startling Interpretation of the Meaning, Scope and Function of Sex as Seen and Interpreted From the Inner or Cosmic Standpoint. A Work That Should Revolutionize the Thought of Today in its Relation to the Vital Mystery of Sex in All its Aspects. It Presents a Practical Solution to the Sex Problems of Everyday Life.

There's Only One Oscar Poole
Catalog #: SKU2680

"Oscar Poole's life is an American story - God, country, and family; struggles, defeats and victories. From the pulpit to pork, he has served and inspired all of us."
- Jack Kingston, Congressman, First District of Georgia

Dream Child, The
Catalog #: SKU2718

A book of Spiritual fiction: The romance of two worlds, while looking at the world of science, reality, and spirit.

Up Rainbow Hill
Catalog #: SKU2773

Dana Howard reveals the future of the planet and mankind from her contact with extra-terrestrial aliens in the 1950-60s.

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