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Servers of the Divine Plan : The Destiny of Ages is Nigh

Servers of the Divine Plan : The Destiny of Ages is Nigh
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Servers of the Divine Plan:
the destiny of ages is nigh

by no author listed

MANKIND AND PLANET EARTH HAVE TODAY ARRIVED at a critical juncture in their evolutionary journey. At the close of this 75,000 year major cycle, a New World is about to be born. Our Globe has consequently become a busy nucleus of activity for interested parties originating from other planets and dimensions. Members of various interstellar confederations have moved closer to Earth in order to assist with the now imminent Great Transition, which shall positively affect all life on our world.

The memories and higher faculties of certain individuals are just today returning to them, and they are beginning to recall the purpose of their incarnation, their duty to humanity and to Planet Earth. They are becoming aware of the close attendance of legions of incorporeal Divine Emissaries, the exalted ranks to which they inherently belong. They are remembering that they constitute an essential part of a vast, collective effort and a tremendously important task, the scope of which stretches back across millions of years and a myriad of past lifetimes upon Earth and elsewhere, all geared toward the forthcoming and conclusive glory. In their remembrance, they are perceiving that they are about to realize the grand consummation of a vital phase of the Divine Plan for Earth, the solar system and beyond.

The Servers are awakening, and they are taking up their positions as agents of the New Spirit in order to play an active role within today's expanding World Consciousness.

"This book not only unveils revelatory insights regarding the long-prophesied and now unfolding AQUARIAN PASSION PLAY on Earth. but is also a very' practical and instructive guide for those millions of individuals who are awakening all over the world in line with the ongoing global transformations"


The Waiting Period

THE EARTH-TRANSFORMATION of greatest consequence will take place most swiftly and will be a tangibly objective result of that which has already transpired within the higher worlds. The stepping-up of the planetary frequency hasiup to this time, been gradual and relatively subtle; its effects have even passed unnoticed to date by many people. However, it is the rending of the veil between worlds that is sudden, and not the developments of the preparatory stages leading up to the great shift.

The duration of the period up until the planetary deadline and the prophesied shift in global consciousness is dependent upon a multitude of variables ranging from interstellar and interdimensional activity right down to the thoughts and actions of humanity; everything and everyone is connected and interdependent. Many Servers are today waiting in conscious anticipation for others to find their positions and to ready themselves in order to welcome together to Earth that great Light which is already poised upon the horizon of the old world. Some physically-incarnated Servers have waited patiently (and others, frustratingly!) for decades as the greater unfoldment of the Divine Plan for Earth has been repeatedly delayed due to the pervasive planetary domination by materialistic forces, and, therefore, humanity's lack of preparedness.

The more awakened Servers may sometimes retain certain impressions from their dynamically service-oriented multidimensional life, which are often recalled from dreams, and since they sense in their relatively limited waking state that they actually possess a much broader awareness, spiritual activity and sphere of positive influence than they are able to demonstrate in their everyday terrestrial existence, they often harbour a deep longing to proceed at full speed upon the physical plane also. Yet, as previously mentioned, the world is still not ready, and during the waiting period Servers may consequently and quite understandably feel somewhat ineffective or even redundant in their physical bodies while in ordinary third-density consciousness. However, regardless of how desperately they may try, no matter what spiritual disciplines they may diligently practice, and despite how many rituals or prayers they may perform, Servers are unable to bring their highest faculties and greater spiritual awareness down into physical objectivity before the appointed time when all will stand in readiness, and, for most, their mission unfolds ---

Paperback, 170 + pages, 5 x 8 inches

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