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Art of Making Whiskey, The
Catalog #: SKU3018

A study into what the author's research proved to be the best whiskey.

Art of Distillation
Catalog #: SKU0843

These monarchies the philosophers reckon not according to the more potent, but according to the corners of the world, whereof the northern is the last and, indeed, is no other than the Golden Age in which all tyranny, oppression, envy, and covetousness shall cease, when there shall be one prince and one people abounding with love and mercy, and flourishing in peace, which day I earnestly expect.

Arabian Art of Taming and Training Horses
Catalog #: SKU1919

The first domestication of the horse, one of the greatest achievements of man in the animal kingdom, was not the work of a day; but like all other great accomplishments, was brought about by a gradual process of discoveries and experiments. He first subdued the more subordinate animals, on account of their being easily caught and tamed, and used for many years the mere drudges, the ox, the ass, and the camel, instead of the fleet and elegant horse.

An Indigo Struggles To Overcome Drugs
Catalog #: SKU1270

If ignorance is bliss, these intuitive shakers and movers are at the other end of the scale. Their quick-thinking, fourth-dimensional methods cause them to be misunderstood, but "by their fruits, ye shall know them." They are the "People of the Seventh Fire," the Violet Ray of Transmutation. The Golden Age cannot fully emerge until this "seventh vial of purification" has been "poured out" by the Indigos.

Catalog #: SKU1825

A TGS survival book reprint. You don't need to be a master chemist to understand the chemicals that make plants grow and the processes that you use on farms and gardens for successful crops. In time of economic failures, books like these will be a necessary addition to any survival home library.

Abaca : Manila Hemp
Catalog #: SKU2916

Once the most treasured plants for its fibrous gifts, abaca has become a forgotten as a most beneficial crop.