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Elementary Theosophy & Self Development and the Way To Power
Catalog #: SKU3205

To comprehend the significance of great world changes, before Time has fully done his work, is difficult. While mighty events are still in their formative period the future is obscure. But our inability to outline the future cannot blind us to the unmistakable trend of the evolutionary forces at work. One thing that is clear is that our boasted Christian civilization is the theater in which has been staged the most un-Christian war of recorded history and in which human atrocity has reached a point that leaves us vaguely groping for a rational explanation of it.

Psychology of Relaxation
Catalog #: SKU3132

A look at the devastation of the mental capabilities of the person seeking the American style of futurism, rather than living in the moment for life, fun, etc.

Ideal Bartender
Catalog #: SKU3068

Great collection of mixed drink recipes that brought in the 20th century and probably carried us into the Roaring Twenties.

Art of Making Whiskey, The
Catalog #: SKU3018

A study into what the author's research proved to be the best whiskey.

War and Death
Catalog #: SKU3000

A plea to the Western nations to use their intelligence to find another method other than war to settle their nations' conflicts.

Handbook of Soap Manufacture
Catalog #: SKU2944

A good book to have when the economy collapses. Grandmom's used to make their own soap as housewives before the advent of the supermarket and corporate soap companies.

Manual of Flax Culture & Flax and Hemp in the West
Catalog #: SKU2923

Study into the agriculture products the brought on the industrial revolution and modern civilization. For any one considering serious alternative farming for a green economy, from the 1800s.

Abaca : Manila Hemp
Catalog #: SKU2916

Once the most treasured plants for its fibrous gifts, abaca has become a forgotten as a most beneficial crop.

Treatise on Hemp, A
Catalog #: SKU2913

Hemp has been demonized by the US Government by conspiracy of industry giants. Yet this plant has been used for thousands of years for hundreds of products.

Hemp Hurds as Paper Making Material
Catalog #: SKU2912

Hemp hurds are used to a limited extent for barnyard litter and stable bedding, as a substitute for sawdust in packing ice, and, in rare instances, for fuel. They are not regarded as having a commercial value for any of these uses, though they are doubtless worth at least $1 per ton on the farm when used for stable bedding. They are a waste product, without value for other purposes which might compete with their use for paper stock.

Catalog #: SKU2907

Though demonized in today's world, nitro-explosives help build industrial America. This book takes you through the methods and science behind this miracle discovery. Properties, Manufacture, and Analysis of Nitrated Substances

Shelters, Shacks, and Shanties
Catalog #: SKU2901

Written for the young explorer, but with today's economy in the crapper, it could be one of the most needed survival books in print.

Gypsy Witch Book of Old Pennsylvania Dutch Pow-Wows and Hexes
Catalog #: SKU2774

In 1820, John George Hohman published a book called Verborgne Freund (Long Lost Friend). In this book are ancient household remedies, incantations, and charms that are based on the magical practices of emigrants from the Rhineland and Switzerland who arrived in Pennsylvania in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Practical Masonry: Guide to the Art of Stonecutting
Catalog #: SKU2758

A book of the 'real' craft of masonry..,

Farmer's and Mechanic's Manual
Catalog #: SKU2756

A good book to have in a survival library for either the urban or rural survivalist. Thousands of facts, tips, and useful information for everyday use or in times of survival.