Mysterious Native American Prehistory of Arizona
Alchemy Rediscovered and Restored
Power of Mesmerism
Brainwashing : The Story of the Men Who Defied It
Solar Biology



History of Herodotus
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Written circa 500 B.C., the History of Herodotus is easily one of the most quoted tomes in the study of ancient history. Learn the history of the Ancient worlds of Atlantis, Troy, Egypt, Greece, Lydia, and many, many others.

History of Modern Mathematics
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It need hardly be said that the field of mathematics is now so extensive that no one can longer pretend to cover it, least of all the specialist in any one department. Furthermore it takes a century or more to weigh men and their discoveries, thus making the judgment of contemporaries often quite worthless.

History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom
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And now a few words regarding the evolution of this book. It is something over a quarter of a century since I labored with Ezra Cornell in founding the university which bears his honored name. Our purpose was to establish in the State of New York an institution for advanced instruction and research, in which science, pure and applied, should have an equal place with literature; in which the study of literature, ancient and modern, should be emancipated as much as possible from pedantry; and which should be free from various useless trammels and vicious methods which at that period hampered many, if not most, of the American universities and colleges.

Hollow Globe, The
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The hollow earth has held man's fascination for century upon century. The author presents an argument that it is natural and necessary for the globe we live on to be hollow.

Holy Earth
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So bountiful hath been the earth and so securely have we drawn from it our substance, that we have taken it all for granted as if it were only a gift, and with little care or conscious thought of the consequences of our use of it; nor have we very much considered the essential relation that we bear to it as living parts in the vast creation.

Human Aura : The Astral World (Two Books in One!)
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Throughout the pages of this little book have been scattered crumbs of teaching other than those concerning the aura alone. Those for whom these are intended will recognize and appropriate them--the others will not see them, and will pass them by. One attracts his own to him. Much seed must fall on waste places in order that here and there a grain will find lodgment in rich soil awaiting its coming. True occult knowledge is practical power and strength.

Human Race, The
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What is man? A profound thinker, Cardinal de Bonald, has said: "Man is an intelligence assisted by organs." We would fain adopt this definition, which brings into relief the true attribute of man, intelligence, were it not defective in drawing no sufficient distinction between man and the brute. It is a fact that animals are intelligent and that their intelligence is assisted by organs. But their intelligence is infinitely inferior to that of man.

Hydrogen Craft and Hot Air Balloons
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Hydrogen, possibly the hope for earth's human civilization's insatiable thirst for energy. Hydrogen for fuel and for lift, this book is a series of US Military documents on hydrogen craft and balloons.

Catalog #: SKU1309

Common sense, knowing nothing of fine distinctions, is wont to draw a sharp line between the region of illusion and that of sane intelligence. To be the victim of an illusion is, in the popular judgment, to be excluded from the category of rational men.

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The fences of the imagination are buckling under the pressure brought against them by the facts and theories of modern science, but few scientists have the writer's imagination that is needed to describe the deepest meaning of their seeming miracles. Loren Corey Eiseley labors under no such limitation.

Induction Coils
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How much do you pay today to replace a coil? They are overpriced, shabbily built, junk from a Communist country, thanks to the fools on the hill in Washington D.C. Perhaps you can build your own replacement or repair the one you have.

Inner World, The
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Hydrogen gas, on being freed, is the most expansive of all elements, and its molecules assume great spheres (like the soap bubbles blown by children) of which the shell is the entity -- the matter -- surcharged from the centre by repulsive force, and the interior of the globe is absolute space, emptiness, nothing.

Intermediate Types Among Primitive Folk
Catalog #: SKU3079

A look into the evolution and social history of hermphroditism (the third sex.)

Keely's Secrets
Catalog #: SKU0167

JOHN WORRELL KEELY - the discoverer of compound inter-etheric force, as operating in the animal organism, man - is a great thinker, and a great student of the capabilities of nature in offering to man's intelligence the means whereby he may discover for himself the secrets she often veils without entirely concealing.

Kepler's Sacred Geometry - The Harmonies of the World
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As the generations of animals in this terrestrial globe have an image of the male in the dodecahedron, of the female in the icosahedron-whereof the dodecahedron rests on the terrestrial sphere from the outside and the icosahedron from the inside: what will we suppose the remaining globes to have, from the remaining figures?