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Radio Amateur's Hand Book
Catalog #: SKU3917

For those boys that now wear men's clothing, a fond look back at our electronic hobbies: crystal radios, tube radios, radio transmitting, ham radio, etc.

Quadripartite Mathematical Treatise : Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos
Catalog #: SKU1264

Two Translations of Ptolemy's Treatise on Astrology, Astronomy, Cause and Effect. This is a must read for any student or researcher of Astrology.

Project Cyclops
Catalog #: SKU2572

"The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." Matthew 6:22 - Scientists have take their electronic single eyes and begun hunting for life beyond our planet.

Problem of Increasing Human Energy & My Inventions (2 books in one volume)
Catalog #: SKU0882

Two works from the genius of the 20th Century Nikola Tesla

Primary Perception
Catalog #: SKU0637

Biocommunication with Plants, Living Foods, and Human Cells - There just may be an invisible web that links all of creation, that shows up in the lab as impulses on a GSR, the EKG or the EEG. Come into the world of Biocommunication and see for your self.

Practical Values of Space Exploration
Catalog #: SKU3608

This report has been undertaken for a special reason. It is to explain to the taxpayer just why so many of his dollars are going into the American effort to explore space, and to indicate what he can expect in return which is of value to him.

Practical Ice Making and Refrigeration
Catalog #: SKU2463

For those enthusiasts that really want to reduce their carbon footprint, compressor-less ammonia air conditioning may be the key. Ice making houses existed BEFORE electricity and electric refrigerators. These old reprints give the practical applications that make it work.

Power Alcohol
Catalog #: SKU2460

Written in 1922, the author predicted the supply and costs of gas and other petroleum products was not to be infinite. He advocated and taught that we should be using alcohol to preserve and have substitutes available. Great reference work for those considering making their own alcohol based fuels.

Polyphase Electric Currents
Catalog #: SKU2210

Detailed information in the use and application of polyphase currents. Valuable information to be able understand these laws of science in the event of a disaster.

Pocket Book of Refrigeration & Ice Making
Catalog #: SKU2459

Excellent book and reference for those considering developing the compressor-less air conditioning and refrigeration used in the days before electricity was available throughout the nation.

Persia : Past and Present
Catalog #: SKU2458

Persia is the land of mystery, and the source of modern civilization. It preserved knowledge through the Christian dark ages, and that knowledge preserved was used to catapult civilization into the industrial ages.

Perpetuum Mobile - Three Centuries of Perpetual Motion
Catalog #: SKU2457

For entrepenuers and inventors, this manual is a great resource to avoid mistakes already made in the past, or who knows? You may be the one to discover they way around the problem and make perpetual motion a reality for the world.

Perpetual Motion
Catalog #: SKU2407

The History of the Efforts to Attain a Self-Motive Mechanism : Perpetual energy: Inventors, scientist, tinkerers have for generations attempted to conquer the laws of physics.. the law of diminishing returns.. seeking the utopian energy device so needed by mankind and his civilizations. Someday, perhaps one just might?

Paracelsus and the Substance of His Teachings
Catalog #: SKU3124

The author studies the importance of the contributions of Paraselsus to health and medicine. Paracelsus was a chemist, Christian mystic, writer, physician, and more, whose work transformed the world of medicine.

Our Alien Planet (Digital PDF Edition)
Catalog #: SKU1933

Even the most diehard believer in the notion that UFOs are interplanetary spacecraft and nothing else will have to admit that by now the odds are stacked against this theory. For more than fifty years, since the dawn of the modem era of "flying saucer" sightings, millions of strange, luminous "things" have been buzzing about as well as being chased and interacted with on all levels all over the globe.

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