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By Helen Belôt

SEKHEM, the origin of all hands-on and spiritual healing systems, is a complete energy system. It has its roots in ancient Egypt and is connected with the Goddess Sekhmet.

After being introduced to energy healing in the 1980s, Helen Belôt, who has memories of herself as a priest in earlier lifetimes, reintroduced Sekhem to the modern world in the early 1990s, thus completing a task she incarnated to do in this lifetime.

Different from Reiki and different from Seichim, SEKHEM is channelled energy that heals on many levels, including 'The Ultimate Healing'. Energy is the future of healing. SEKHEM is vibrational energy healing now.

The higher levels of SEKHEM are not about physical healing but all about spiritual and personal development and it is in this direction that SEKHEM will develop further in the future.

The Sekhem Story is the best place to start to understand the nature and healing powers of SEKHEM. Read about SEKHEM - how to experience it, how to learn the practice of it. Hear the story of SEKHEM from the one who knows it best - Helen Belôt.


"My perpetual thanks for the invitation into Sekhem. I think it is the greatest gift of my life."
- E.K. Berlin, Germany

"Thank you Helen for bringing through this amazing SEKHEM energy that has changed my life so positively"
- P.C. Channel Islands.

"So many parts of myself seem to be coming together. I understand my family, others and myself so much better, and it's hard to put into words the new feeling of clarity that I have. Let's just say its 'awesome'. I'm doing things that I always wanted to do but somehow found difficult. It's a wonderful adventure."
- Erica Patrick, Victoria Australia

"The (Sekhem) energy has enabled me to cope emotionally, enjoy better relationships with family and friends and have a much greater understanding and love for people and nature. I use the energy in any situation where I or somebody else may have a problem. My life has been enriched.

I use Sekhem in helping with illness, injuries, physical ailments and to make things happen for their 'highest good'. It works and is available to everyone."
- Jan Renalls, Jamaica

"Sekhem has been the wonder drug for me; it has taken me on numerous 'highs' and enhanced my ability to go within and accept who and what I am. I will always be indebited and grateful to Helen Belôt who helped us open up to this beautiful energy."
- S.S Switzerland

About the Author:

Helen Belôt, a mother and grand-mother, was born and educated in Melbourne, Australia. After an interesting childhood, she trained as a nurse, eventually moving into the Occupational Health field.

During an experience whilst clinically dead, "out in the most incredible all-pervading light you could imagine", she "... sat in council with seven Great Beings and there was much discussion" and she understood the "very specific things" she had incarnated in this lifetime to do.

In 1972 Helen was introduced to energy systems as a way of healing on a different level and several years later, re-introduced Sekhem to the world.

She now travels extensively, teaching and practising this healing system from ancient Egypt.

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