Metamorphosis of Lisette Joyaux - The Story of Monique - The Yellow Room
Whipped Women
Memoirs of Josephine Mutzenbacher
Flossie: A Venus of Fifteen - Tales of Fun and Flagellation - Beauty in the Birch
Autobiography of a Flea
Astrid Cane



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Bliss and Other Stories
Catalog #: SKU2880

Drift back into time, a time of innocence, an era of a slower paced life, a time when everything was beautiful, with these stories from the early 1900s.

French and Oriental Love in a Harem
Catalog #: SKU2882

Erotica from the 1800s. Erotica was so much more artful in days past when they could spin language, love, and sex into literature that's worth teasing the imagination with.

Catalog #: SKU2883

Erotica from the 1800s. In 1893 A Clandestine Publisher Brought Out A Flagellation Novel With An Entirely New Twist: The Hero/Victim Is Dressed As A Girl. This Was Gynecocracy: Government by women.

Forbidden Fruit
Catalog #: SKU2894

Erotic literature from the Victorian age. A classic Victorian erotic novel : A luscious and exciting tale

Life and Amours of Beautiful, Gay and Dashing Kate Percival
Catalog #: SKU2896

I am about to do a bold thing. I am about to give to the world the particulars of a life fraught with incident and adventure. I am about to lift the veil from the most voluptuous scenes.

Memoirs of a Young Rakehell
Catalog #: SKU2897

19th Century erotica. While mild compared to today's erotic pornography, it still holds a lustful attraction for the curious erotica seeker.

Lost Illusions - Unabridged Edition
Catalog #: SKU2928

The real interest both of Les Deux Poetes, and still more of Eve et David, between which two, be it always remembered, comes in the Distinguished Provincial, lies in the characters who gave their name to the last part. In David, the man of one idea, who yet has room for an honest love and an all-deserved friendship, Balzac could not go wrong.

Saving Safona: Fourth Book In The Universal Tales of Isaac Midnight
Catalog #: SKU2997

The Universal Tales of Isaac Midnight are reflections of spiritual situations here on earth and Saving Safona is no exception. Similar to the first Planetary Prince defaulting on this world, Safona's Prince has deluded himself into serious error affecting the diverse mortals under his guidance. In this case, his superiors were not the ones to mislead him such as Satan; Lucifer's associate did this world's Planetary Prince. Safona's Planetary Prince did all by himself.

Love in Danger: Three Plays
Catalog #: SKU3063

Mrs. Ellis weaves the teachings of her famous husband into romantic fiction and plays.

Kit's Woman : A Cornish Idyll
Catalog #: SKU3065

Mrs. Ellis weaves the teachings of her famous husband into romantic fiction, setting an idealic location in yesteryear.

Love-Acre : An Idyl in Two Worlds
Catalog #: SKU3070

Romantic fiction where love transverses space and time

Ladies Delight
Catalog #: SKU3076

Bawdy Poetry from the 18th century- Large 16 point font

Kanga Creek : An Australian Idyll
Catalog #: SKU3077

An idealic school of love, set in a romantic setting in Australia

Inferno : L'enfer
Catalog #: SKU3080

In introducing M. Barbusse's most important book to a public already familiar with "Under Fire," it seems well to point out the relation of the author's philosophy to his own time, and the kinship of his art to that of certain other contemporary French and English novelists.

My Cornish Neighbors
Catalog #: SKU3084

Travel back in time to an era where life was not so rushed, and enjoy the life, loves, and times of a forgotten era.

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