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Memoirs of Dolly Morton
Charlie Danger: Private Detective
Secret of the Zodiac
Pledged to the Dead



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Charlie Danger: Private Detective (E-Mobi/Kindle)
Catalog #: SKU3497

Charlie Danger, Private Detective is a parody of the old 1950's detective stories. Charlie gets involved with a mysterious blonde bombshell and is dragged into the plot to build the New World Order. The dead bodies of our Founding Fathers start showing up, then bullets start flying and bombs start going off.

Charlie Danger: Private Detective: Border Disorder (E-Mobi/Kindle)
Catalog #: SKU3498

Charlie Danger returns with his friend, Shurelock Homes. His new adventure picks up where the first left off and Charlie finds himself facing Professor Mariachi and his plans for the North American Union! Calamity Jane and Lassie join Homes and Danger in this, the most thrilling story yet!

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