Power of Mesmerism
Invisible Man, The
Atlantis the Antidiluvian World
Erewhon : Over The Range aka Darwin Among The Machines
Lysistrata : The Nude Goddess



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Sartor Resartus & Heroes, Hero-Worship, and the Heroic in History - Two Volume Set
Catalog #: SKU3215

One of the most vital and pregnant books in our modern literature, "Sartor Resartus" is also, in structure and form, one of the most daringly original. It defies exact classification. It is not a philosophic treatise. It is not an autobiography. It is not a romance. Yet in a sense it is all these combined.

Secret Glory and The Great Return
Catalog #: SKU4121

Some years ago I met my old master, Sir Frank Benson-he was Mr. F. R. Benson then-and he asked me in his friendly way what I had been doing lately. "I am just finishing a book," I replied, "a book that everybody will hate."

Secret History Revealed by Lady Peggy O'Malley
Catalog #: SKU1806

A Quality fiction reprint from TGS Publishing. A Romance novel with all the elements of intrigue and mystery

Secret of Solomon
Catalog #: SKU2800

A satirical look at the unethical methods the privileged classes obtain their riches.
He compares Solomon gaining of riches as though it is in more modern times.

Selestor's Men of Atlantis
Catalog #: SKU3228

Atlantis, "the submerged island," some speak of it as a continent, which for unnumbered generations has been considered a myth, must now be accepted by fair-minded archeologists and other scientists as a proven fact that such an island at one time did exist.

Shadow of Moloch Mountain
Catalog #: SKU2761

A TGS reprint from a magazine style article of the 1800s. Jane Austin, a widely published author, was a frequent visitor of Orchard House, where Louisa May Alcott lived. She and Louisa often wrote together.Both authors deviated from their standard popular fiction to write lurid tales of gothic romance, mystery and horror.

Siddhartha - The Forbidden Knowledge Series
Catalog #: SKU1613

In the shade of the house, in the sunshine of the riverbank near the boats, in the shade of the Sal-wood forest, in the shade of the fig tree is where Siddhartha grew up, the handsome son of the Brahman, the young falcon, together with his friend Govinda, son of a Brahman.

Terror and The Hill of Dreams
Catalog #: SKU4119

After two years we are turning once more to the morning's news with a sense of appetite and glad expectation. There were thrills at the beginning of the war; the thrill of horror and of a doom that seemed at once incredible and certain; this was when Namur fell and the German host swelled like a flood over the French fields, and drew very near to the walls of Paris.

Catalog #: SKU0621

Once you know, you can never go back to merely believing. - Years before he exited a successful venture capital career, Mark Kimmel began to understand there was a larger purpose to life. As soon as he abandoned his business paradigm, the mysteries of the larger truth began to unfold themselves. His exciting discoveries are contained in his first novel, Trillion. Mark has been listed in Who's Who since 1985. He has degrees in engineering, marketing, finance and psychology.

Underground Man
Catalog #: SKU3347

He has put into it along with a charming fancy his genialness and depth of spirit, his ideas on the influence of art and the importance of love, in an exceptional social milieu. This agreeable day-dream is vigorously thought out. On reading it we fancy we are again seeing and hearing Tarde. In order to indulge in a repetition of the illusion, a pious friendship has desired to clothe this fascinating work in an appropriate dress.

Wandering Jew, The
Catalog #: SKU2312

Time and again physicians and seamen have made noteworthy reputations as novelists. But it is rare in the annals of literature that a man trained in both professions should have gained his greatest fame as a writer of novels. Eugene Sue began his career as a physician and surgeon, and then spent six years in the French Navy.

Zanoni (Large Print)
Catalog #: SKU3116

Large Print with 14 point font. All 7 Volumes of this work republished in one book. One of the peculiarities of Bulwer was his passion for occult studies. They had a charm for him early in life, and he pursued them with the earnestness which characterised his pursuit of other studies. He became absorbed in wizard lore; he equipped himself with magical implements,with rods for transmitting influence, and crystal balls in which to discern coming scenes and persons; and communed with spiritualists and mediums. The fruit of these mystic studies is seen in "Zanoni"

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