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How To Become Rich
Kind of Magic
Absolute Key to Occult Science -The Tarot of the Bohemians - Most Ancient Book in the World
Indian Palmistry
Chiromancy: The Science of Palmistry
Descriptive Mentality from the Head, Face, and Hand



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Practice of Palmistry, The
Catalog #: SKU2908

Palmistry has been used for fortune telling, predictions, and health diagnosis. Over 1100 Illustrations and a Palmistic Dictionary

Science of the Hand
Catalog #: SKU2922

The art of recognizing the tendencies of the human mind from the observation of the formations of the hands.

Laws of Scientific Hand Reading
Catalog #: SKU2945

A practical treatise on the Art commonly called Palmistry with 800 illustrations.

Kind of Magic
Catalog #: SKU4047

The term magic can mean different things to different people. In fact, it is a catch-all word used to define things that are indefinable, supernatural, and/or mystical. This collection of articles covers topics from religious magic, natural magic, math magic, mental magic, black magic, white magic, to parlor room magic tricks. Each one is 'A Kind of Magic.'

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