Beyond Our Galaxy
Things Kept Secret from the Foundation of the World
Secrets of the Mojave
Days Before Tommorrow
Emerald Tablets of Thoth
Cities of the Deep



Sacred Mysteries Among the Mayas and Quiches 11,500 Years Ago
Catalog #: SKU2741

This author takes the history and origin of Freemasonry back thousands of years before Hebrew King Solomon and Hiram Abiff.

New Avatar : The Destiny of the Soul
Catalog #: SKU2737

The author, a doctor and Freemason, connects dots between science and mysticism.

Mystic Masonry: The Symbols of Freemasonry
Catalog #: SKU2736

Masonry puports to have preserved the ancient mysteries. If true, they succeeded in stopping the Church from destroying all knowledge of the ancients. What mystic truths can we learn from Freemasonry?

Mystery of the Kingdom of God: The Secret of Jesus' Messiahship and Passion
Catalog #: SKU2735

A look at the strange actions of Jesus at the Passion and His revealing of his Messiahship...

Mysteries of the Rosie Cross
Catalog #: SKU2734

Modern Rosicrucians have opened many of their traditions for the public to view and learn, but their history and origins are still shrouded in mystery.

Genius of Freemasonry
Catalog #: SKU2723

A very interesting view that Masonry could save America from the church and the church's destructive nature. This book lays out the obligations of Freemasonry.

Gay Gnani of Gingalee or Discords of Devolution
Catalog #: SKU2722

Study into both worlds of Mysticism and Science, how they tend to oppose each other, when they should compliment each other. A romantic tale woven to illustrate just this thought.

Francis Bacon: Poet, Prophet, Philosopher: Phantom Captain Shakespeare the Rosicrucian Mask
Catalog #: SKU2719

Full research into the connection of Francis Bacon and William Shakespeare, with the curious protections of both to the Rosicrucians.

Illustrations of Masonry: Reprint of the Rare 1772 Preston Edition
Catalog #: SKU2709

This facsimile recreates the original typeset, the archaic English alphabet, and the ancient reverence once held for Masonry.

Egyptian Masonic History: The Ancient and 96th Degree: The Rite of Memphis
Catalog #: SKU2703

A look into the mysterious 96th degree of Freemasonry, that many Masons have failed to study.

Masonic Origines
Catalog #: SKU2701

The famous and infamous Albert Pike takes a look at the origin of Freemasonry.

Gaulish Inscription of the Poitiers: A Charm Against the Demon Dontaurios (PDF Download)
Catalog #: SKU2678

20 pages of research on this strange inscription. Demonology and how our ancestors used talismans and spells to ward them off.

Magic Incantations
Catalog #: SKU2666

Magic incantations from the ancient world, translated from Latin.

Great Amherst Mystery : The Haunted House: A True Ghost Story
Catalog #: SKU2662

A TRUE ghost story that still haunts a town in Canada.

Studies in Magic from Latin Literature
Catalog #: SKU2658

Seldom do history books relate the importance of magic to Roman life, thought, and beliefs.