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Evolution of Capitalism or The Philosophy of Misery
Catalog #: SKU1301

I am only sounding brass; with the aid of your attention, I will speak marvels. Do you see this passing whirlwind called SOCIETY, from which burst forth, with startling brilliancy, lightnings, thunders, and voices? I wish to cause you to place your finger on the hidden springs which move it; but to that end you must reduce yourself at my command to a state of pure intelligence. The eyes of love and pleasure are powerless to recognize beauty in a skeleton, harmony in naked viscera, life in dark and coagulated blood: consequently the secrets of the social organism are a sealed letter to the man whose brain is beclouded by passion and prejudice. Such sublimities are unattainable except by cold and silent contemplation.

Fed UP - The Enemy Within
Catalog #: SKU0101

Mr. Thomas D. Schauf, worked up his report, to clear up questions he had received about the Federal Reserve Bank (FED). Mr. Schauf spent a great deal of time researching the FED. The resulting, shocking and revealing conclusions are as follows.

Fed UP - The Enemy Within (Download PDF Edition)
Catalog #: SKU0100

Mr. Thomas D. Schauf, worked up his report, to clear up questions he had received about the Federal Reserve Bank (FED). Mr. Schauf spent a great deal of time researching the FED. The resulting, shocking and revealing conclusions are as follows.

Federal Reserve : Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy
Catalog #: SKU0323

Federal Reserve, The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy, by Gary Allen, author of "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" and "The Rockefeller Files" is the story in a nutshell of how the Federal Reserve stole the wealth of the people of the United States.

Federal Reserve Conspiracy
Catalog #: SKU0631

This is the first book that details hour by hour the events that led up to passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 - and the many decades of work and secret planning that private bankers had invested to obtain their money monopoly.

Federal Reserve Monster
Catalog #: SKU2416

Dire warnings about the Private Federal Reserve Bank was written about in 1920. Our forefathers ignored them. Now we suffer under crimes of the banksters.

Fiat Money Inflation in France
Catalog #: SKU1062

As far back as just before our Civil War I made, in France and elsewhere, a large collection of documents which had appeared during the French Revolution, including newspapers, reports, speeches, pamphlets, illustrative material of every sort, and, especially, specimens of nearly all the Revolutionary issues of paper money,--from notes of ten thousand 'livres' to those of one 'sou'.

Fighting the Federal Reserve
Catalog #: SKU3510

Few Americans today recognize the names of men like Congressman Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Sr., father of the famed aviator, who fought against the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 and conducted one of the first investigations of 'the Banking and Money Trust in Congress; and of congressman Louis Thomas McFadden.

Gold For Survival
Catalog #: SKU0134

The American Dream has been lost. Lost mainly by the greed and envy and politicians responding to demands from those who want to live on the work of others.

Great Paper Bubble
Catalog #: SKU3994

Written during the US War of Aggression and Occupation of the Southern States, the author predicted the harm of paper money, not backed by substance. His predictions have come true in the 1890s, 1900s, 1930s, and as late as 2008 when the paper money banksters almost crashed the financial system. Why O Why do the Illiterates of Congress allow this cycle to continue, and each time it bails out the same criminals that caused the bubble to almost burst. In the past 10 years the bubble has inflated 100 times its normal rate.... will we all have to suffer because of illiterate, greedy, politicians since the banksters want it all?

History of Monetary Crimes - Barbara Villiers
Catalog #: SKU0044

The right to coin money and regulate its value was the exclusive prerogative of the State. The author cites early historical examples when this special privilege of government was usurped.

History of Monetary Systems
Catalog #: SKU2132

This history of monetary systems comes from the undisputed monetary scholar Alexander Del Mar, once the head of the US Bureau of Mines.

History of Money in America
Catalog #: SKU1177

There is possibly no greater master of the history and frauds used in money systems from antiquity to the present day than Alexander Del Mar. TGS continues to seek out all books of this rare author and talent from the late 1800s and early 1900s. Del Mar was the head of the Bureau of Mining for the United States in the 1800s. His specialty was researching the history of money, coins, and fiat systems.

History of Precious Metals
Catalog #: SKU2134

Alexander Del Mar was against fiat (fake) money and he spent a lifetime researching money, its value, its failings, and its benefits. This is an in depth historical study into precious metals as money.

Catalog #: SKU0032

The manuscripts were discovered in an old Texas library, in 1995, by a citizen of the Choctaw Indian Nation. They were scanned into a computer and reprinted so all citizens can read these once obscure (basically lost) writings.

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