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Hitler's Secret Backers
Catalog #: SKU0137

The last line of the UPI press release says the manuscript would be republished December 1 of 1982. On January 4, 1983, we received word that the publisher had 'changed his mind' and would not reprint the document. No reason was given. So, in the last 50 years this book has been suppressed twice. What forces caused this remain unknown, but if they are that powerful, we have every reason to believe that we'll be hearing from them at a future date.

How To Become Rich
Catalog #: SKU3186

IN PRESENTING the Science of Phrenology to you to-night, I make one request, and hope you will grant it as a personal favor to me, that is, that you will dismiss from your minds everything that you ever heard about Phrenology and listen to my argument with your minds freed from the prejudices, favorable or unfavorable, that may have been created by other lecturers upon the subject, for this reason: Large print 14 point font.

Catalog #: SKU0775

THE CONNECTION OF THE CURRENCY WITH PRICES, AND THE EXPEDIENCY OF A SEPARATION OF ISSUE FROM BANKING. It was held by most writers of any authority on the subject of the Currency, till within the last few years, that the purposes of a mixed circulation of coin and paper were sufficiently answered, as long as the coin was perfect, and the paper constantly convertible into coin; and that the only evils to be guarded against by regulation, were those attending suspension of payment and insolvency of the banks, a large proportion of which blend an issue of promissory notes with their other business.

Last Days of The Romanovs
Catalog #: SKU0075

The complete, long-suppressed story of how the Tsar Nicholas II and Russia's Imperial Family were murdered by the Soviet secret police in July 1918. Introduction includes newly discovered facts that bring the story up to date.

Lincoln Money Martyred : Return of the Money Changers
Catalog #: SKU0027

A look at Lincoln's monetary views, which the author believes had much to do with the tragic end of this great president. This book tells of the Lincoln's struggle to create "greenbacks", a new money that would free the United States from the tyranny of the international bankers. He created them and then was killed for it.

Menace of Privilege
Catalog #: SKU0779

THE LAND OF INEQUALITY : NOTHING can be more surprising to the thoughtful observer than the social inequality existing in the United States--a country which Mr. Bryce says Europeans early in the nineteenth century deemed to be pre

Money and Civilization: Monetary Laws and Systems
Catalog #: SKU2733

From history's foremost expert on value and money, Del Mar presents the history of money, without understanding monetary history, one would be ignorant of its role in civilization.

Money Masters
Catalog #: SKU0448

THE MONEY MASTERS is a 3 1/2 hour non-fiction, historical

Money, Currency, Coins, Banking and Law
Catalog #: SKU0752

All the usurpation, and tyranny, and extortion, and robbery, and fraud, that are involved in the monopoly of money are practised, and attempted to be justified, under the pretence of maintaining the standard of value. This pretence is intrinsically a false one throughout.

Monopolies and the People
Catalog #: SKU1577

The word "trust," standing for one of the noblest faculties of the heart, has always held an honorable place in our language. It is one of the strange occurrences by which languages become indelible records of great facts in the history of the world, that this word has recently acquired a new meaning, which, to the popular ear at least, is as hateful as the old meaning is pleasant and gratifying.

National Independence
Catalog #: SKU4044

The Fatalism of Laissez Faire, its doom of successful employment.

Natural Value : Austrian School and Theory of Value
Catalog #: SKU0776

Whence do things get their value? If we put the question to any intelligent and trained man of business, who had no knowledge of the various attempts of theorists towards an explanation of value, whose mind was unbiassed by the forms of speech which echo learned theories and have passed into ordinary business use, and who was, therefore, capable of judging only through the medium of his own personal experience, he would undoubtedly answer, as the first theorists did, -- "from their Utility."

New York Stock Exchange In The Crisis of 1914
Catalog #: SKU3408

The year 1914 has no precedent in Stock Exchange history. At the present time (1915), when the great events that have come to pass are still close to us, even their details are vivid in our minds and we need no one to rehearse them.

Next Step : Plan for Economic World Federation
Catalog #: SKU3524

Men progress in proportion as they are able to fit themselves for life, and to fit life to themselves. Both processes go on unceasingly. Recent economic changes have brought the remotest parts of the world into close contact with "civilization" at the same time that they have increased the dependence of one part of the world upon another part.

Paper Against Gold
Catalog #: SKU2208

History, Mystery, and Misery of the Bank of England - An excellent argument against fiat currency in favor of real money.

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