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Coin's Financial School (MobiPocket Reader Edition PRC Download)
Catalog #: SKU3420

It is impossible for the layman to evaluate the merits of this traditional case against the gold standard. But most economists who are familiar with macroeconomic developments have tended in recent years to minimize the effect of the bullion basis of money in the secular price decline, as compared with certain long-range changes that came with industrialism and improvements in transportation.

Central Bank as a Menace to Liberty
Catalog #: SKU2398

A short and direct exposé of the dangers of a private central bank.

Mortgage Evil
Catalog #: SKU3970

Written a hundred years ago, this author's prophetic utterings keep coming true, as the banksters rape and pillage government treasuries around the world, and steal away people's properties in perpetuation of their sins and crimes.

Conflict Between Private Monopoly and Good Citizenship
Catalog #: SKU3786

I make no use here of theory. I am thinking of definite large business interests in which the evil will remain as common as it is inevitable so long as the business is unregulated and its shady practices concealed from public authorities and public opinion.

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