The Human Mind Mind Control - Brainwashing Mind Control - World Control : Encylopedia of Mind Control

Mind Control - World Control : Encylopedia of Mind Control

Mind Control - World Control : Encylopedia of Mind Control
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Mind Control - World Control
An Encylopedia of Mind Control

By Jim Keith

Mind control is a little-known yet highly controversial topic today. Veteran author and investigator Jim Keith uncovers a surprising amount of information on mind control technology, and the experimentation with and implementation of it. Various chapters in this shocking book cover early CIA experiments such as Project MONARCH and R.H.I.C.-EDOM, the methodology and technology of implants, mind-controlled assassinations and couriers, various famous mind control victims such as Sirhan Sirhan, Patty Hearst and Candy Jones. Also Berserkers, Death Rays, HAARP, and how mind control technology may be linked to some UFO activity and "UFO abductions." Jim Keith is the former editor of Dharma Combat and the author of such books as The Gemstone File", "Casebook on Alternative 3", "Secret & Suppressed", "Casebook on the Men in Black" and others.


Introduction: War For The Mind

1. Things To Come
2. Lodge Brothers & Little Hitlers
3. Taking The "Psyche" Out Of Psychology
4. Hey Teachers, Leave Those Kids Alone!
5. Tavistock
6. Shocktroops
7. Oss Origins
8. Grey Eminence
9. Enter The CIA
10. Coming On To LSD
11. Kult Of The Mk Ultra
12. Brave New World Order
13. Changing Images
14. Center For Violence
15. Mind Controlled Assassins
16. So Like Candy
17. Mind Control Implants
18. Future Shock & The JFK Hit
19. "RFK Must Die"
20. Happiness Is A War Gun
21. Bombed
22. Berserkers
23. Creating Cults
24. Death Rays
25. In Your Head
26. Victimized
27. Woodpecker
28. Harp
29. Hum Jobs And Balls Of Fire
30. Lethal Non-Lethals
31. Aliens From Earth
32. Unidentified Flying Agens
33. Monarch
34. World Brain
35. Finality

"Postscript; last week the buzzing happened again, so loud yet so easily dismissed against the background of city noise. How could I prove to myself that it was not simply just coming from my head, could I possibly have the rare hearing condition, tinnitus, which causes ringing in the ears? I remembered a Mr. Science experiment where the electromagnetic transparency of various substances was being demonstrated. A portable radio was placed into a wooden box. 'Hear that? The radio is still playing, which means? That's right, wood is electromagnetically transparent.' The radio was imprisoned in various other containers to see what would happen. Then finally it was wrapped in aluminum foil, and fell silent. I ran into the kitchen and grabbed the tin foil. Pulling a three foot strip of it, I wrapped it around my head, and the buzzing stopped."

The following report, although anonymous, provides a detailed first person encounter with what may be government electromagnetic testing. It was published in an underground magazine a few years ago. I do not maintain that reports such as these are absolute proof of government electromagnetic testing on citizenry, but well-reasoned accounts such as the following must be taken into consideration:

"The large black top of the Federal Building in San Francisco looks like a giant air-conditioning vent, 50 feet tall, comprising the entire top of the building. It is actually a radar, microwave, and radio transparent shield for an array of communications devices on the roof of the building. Such "blinds" on top of government buildings are nothing unusual, it isn't necessary to visually remind everybody that such buildings also are likenesses of Orwell's Ministry of Information (read, CIA). And as such are in need of systems of communications independent of civilian mediums. Which, anyway, would be purposely interrupted in any serious case of civil unrest.

"It is important to note three facts at this point, the purpose of which will come clear in the end: First, the Federal building is located at the base of a broad hill. It is on the low rise of this hill where San Francisco's 'Skid Row' district, the 'Tenderloin,' uneasily rests. And so the Federal Building can be seen from virtually any place in the Tenderloin. And let us reverse this thought: virtually any place in the Tenderloin may be seen from the Federal Building. And it is this unimpeded view which brings to mind the second oddly coinciding factor; that Low Frequency Electromagnetic emissions like television broadcasts will not pass through earth (hills, or the horizon), nor do they even pass very well through buildings, and so require a fairly clear shot, unlike higher frequency emissions like radio. This is why you have to put TV antennas on the roof.

"Now fact three: Extremely Low Frequency transmissions, or ELFs, have been the focus of significant research by the military intelligence machines of several governments, including our own. ELF developments for military purposes is based on indications that ELFs at close range seem to cause aberrations in the thought processes of human beings, such as hallucinations, disordered thought, confusion, aggression, depression anger, hopelessness. Not unlike television, a close companion to ELFs in the electromagnetic spectrum. It is not difficult to imagine the value of such a weapon to our secret government, so fond of the disruption of societies, the control and subjugation of individuals, and of war, 'the insane death dance of paranoid societies.'

"Now with these three things in mind, consider this fourth. Since I have had the fortune to live for three years in this ring of hell, the Tenderloin, I have noticed something very odd. At least 15 times I have noticed in the morning or early evening a pronounced buzzing or humming. Very low and hard to hear. Something like the sound which some can hear of a TV that is on in a room, but with the volume off. And on looking for the source of this sound, I found that it seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere. In other words it seemed to be coming from inside my head. I do not mean this figuratively. I mean that my head seemed to resonate with the vibration. And I felt that my thoughts were disrupted.

The buzzing seemed to make thoughts fall apart just before forming, like sand on a vibrating metal plate, and I felt vaguely angry. On the third or fourth occurrence of this, I noticed that in the wake of the buzzing sound, an unusual number of fights could be heard breaking out all around me. From out on the streets, and from adjoining buildings, and apartments, came the shouts and threats of people overcome with anger. And I thought, though at first it seemed horrible to consider, 'Hadn't ELF subjects reported the feeling or sound of buzzing in their heads?' and 'what better section of the population could be chosen on which to conduct ELF experiments.' A large percentage of inner urban dwellers are already so close to the edge that he or she is highly likely to express any fluctuation of mood with a corresponding fluctuation of activity which might come to the attention of the police.

In a neighbourhood where aberrant behaviour is common and expected, slight increases of such behaviour would go completely unnoticed, but would be detectable by careful observation of incoming reports to the police department. It would be unlikely in the extreme that anyone would associate the strange buzzing sound with unaccountable accompanying emotional swings. Impossible that someone would suspect secret agents of systematically barraging the politically powerless with mood and consciousness ELF waves from atop the Federal Building. But even if such an impossibility came to pass, and allegations were made, would they not automatically be discredited by the general perception of the poor (i.e. Tenderloin inhabitants) as mentally unstable, alcoholic, drug addicted, and of the government as an essentially well meaning parent, who would not really ever purposely harm her children?
End excerpt

6" x 9", softbound, 111 pages.

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