Missing Diary of Admiral Richard E. Byrd
International Jew : 4 Volume Set Unabridged
Complete Story of the Galveston Horror, The
Egyptian Masonic History: The Ancient and 96th Degree: The Rite of Memphis
Roman Law : The Twelve Tables



Meaning and Origin of the Fylfot & Swastika
Catalog #: SKU3086

Large Print 12-15 pt font - The authors look at the origin of the swastika, decades before it became an icon of the Nazi Party.

Life and Exploits of Alexander the Great
Catalog #: SKU3073

Translations of the Ethiopic Histories of Alexander. Full, complete, unabridged reprint of this hard to find book. Alexander the Great still holds the respect of today's military experts. His history should never be set to dust of old libraries, but his life and times should be studied and his wins and his errors learned from. This book gives the most complete history of this marvelous man.

James Hinton : A Sketch
Catalog #: SKU3066

Biography of one of the first writers of the 19th century that promoted the freedom of sex, and releasing people from a puritanical, restricted view of the purpose and meaning of sex.

Catalog #: SKU3057

Elmira was the location of one of the worst prisons and atrocities of the Civil War, yet this author shows how Elmira became one of the first prisons to try and reform criminals.

History of Esarhaddon, Son of Sennacherib
Catalog #: SKU3048

Esarhaddon was the son and successor of Sennacherib. He rebuilt Babylon, which his father had destroyed, and conquered Egypt. Contents: The Genealogy and Accession of Esarhaddon, and Principal Events of His Reign; List of Texts; System of Transliteration of Assyrian Signs; List of Eponyms; Will of Sennacherib; Titles of Esarhaddon; Esarhaddon's Battle at Khanirabbat; The War Against Nabu-Zir-Napisti-Esir; Expedition Against Abdi-Milcutti, King of Tsidon; Expedition Against Cilicia; Arabian War of Esarhaddon; The Median War; The Buildings of Esarhaddon; The Building of the Palace; The Names of the Eight Kings; The Names of the Twenty-two Kings of The Country of the Hittites and the Sea-Coast; Esarhaddon's Egyptian Campaign; and Names of the Kings Appointed Over Egypt by Esarhaddon.

Eros and Psyche
Catalog #: SKU3041

A full and complete translation of this epic work from the ancients. 75 illustrations with many extra pics added by TGS that artists during the past 2000 years have imagined these characters in their lives and tales.

Book of Medicines
Catalog #: SKU3029

This Set of Two Books is a facsimile reproduction of Budge's hard to find work on Syrian Medicines in the Ancient World. This edition has been reproduced from scans for the layman, removing over 600 pages of Syriac text, that was intended for the scholar. This is a Set of Two Books with 985 pages of the English Translation of the Syriac.

Book of the Kings of Egypt, The
Catalog #: SKU3022

Originally Published in Two Books, Now in one complete volume. Study into the names and eras of the Pharoahs of Egypt from the 1st Dynasty through the 30th Dynasty. The Ka, Nebti, Horus, Suten Bat, and Ra Names of the Pharoahs

Chicago By Gaslight
Catalog #: SKU3019

Interesting view of turn of century Chicago's seedy side of life. Facsimile reprint of a compiled book circa 1910. The original publisher took previously published short stories by this author and compiled them into one volume, using the same printing plates as the original short stories.

Ancient Cities and Empires - Their Prophetic Doom
Catalog #: SKU3016

From the Old Testament Egypt to the New Testament churches of Asia, the author examines prophecies and the society's demise.

Ancient America
Catalog #: SKU3004

THE purpose of this volume is to give a summary of what is known of American Antiquities, with some thoughts and suggestions relative to their significance. It aims at nothing more.

Queen of Sheba and Her Only Son Menyelek
Catalog #: SKU2996

The history of the departure of the Ark of the Covenant from Jerusalem into the care and protection of the Queen of Sheba and Prince Menyelek.

Queen of Sheba: Her Life and Times
Catalog #: SKU2995

The Queen of Sheba story reconstructed from ancient manuscripts in story form.

Legend of the Queen of Sheba
Catalog #: SKU2994

The Queen of Sheba story examined from manuscripts discovered at Axum.

Ancient Inhabitants of America
Catalog #: SKU2992

In the beginning of the Conquest of America, the attention of Europe was chiefly directed toward the gigantic constructions of Couzco, the high roads carried along the centre of the Cordilleras, the pyramids with steps, and the worship and symbolical writings of the Mexicans.